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Windows XP Pro Tips and Tricks


Playboy's Vixens, Dec/Jan 2006

Cover Girl
Louise Glover, fully exposed.

Alyssa Lovelace, Nicole Ferreira, Amy Miller, Veronika Zemanová, Tiffany Gunn, Charlene Hart, Barbie Murdock, Rita Granberry, Sandra Santi, Bódi Sylvi, and more.

PDF | 19.8 MB

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Jennifer Ellison in Loaded, March 2008

Jennifer Ellison is in the pink!

Jennifer Ellison's first strip in three years -- only in Loaded!

Allow the stunning Scouse sex kitten to banish the winter blues with this breathtaking gallery.

Birth name: Jennifer Lesley Ellison
Birth date: May 30, 1983
Birth location: Liverpool, England
Measurements: 32DD
Height: 169 cm (5' 7")

7 pics | 1280 x 1810 (Super HQ) | 1.2 MB

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50 Psychology Classics: Who We Are, How We Think, What We Do

Author: Tom Butler-Bowdo

Publisher: Nicholas Brealey Publishing

Date: January 25, 2007

Pages: 311


Who we are, how we think, what we do.

Insight and inspiration from 50 key books.

In his newest addition to the 50 Classics series, Butler-Bowden provides concise summaries and commentaries on fifty of the most influential works on the human mind and behavior, along with special features to provide additional context. Drawing on the rich vein of the classics as well as contemporary works, this book is a worthy addition to a series that has sold over 100,000 copies in English and been translated into 17 languages.

PDF | 2.2 MB

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Google Maps API, V2

Author: Scott Davis

Publisher: The Pragmatic Bookshelf

Date: 2006

Pages: 75


The Google Maps API, version 2, is a great way to dip your toe into the world of web mapping. You don't have to worry about finding and managing your own data, installing and configuring your own server, or creating your own cross-browser AJAX mapping framework from scratch. It's a programmer's dream-with a little bit of JavaScript and a few latitude/longitude points, you are off to the races.

PDF | 1.3 MB

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Yoga to Banish Backache

Author: Bijoylaxmi Hota

Date: 2003

Pages: 125


Yoga to Banish Backache familiarizes the reader with causes of various types of back pain such as cervical spondilitis, slipped disc, sciatica prolapse, intestinal gas and scoliosis and recommends simple yet effective yogic and natural remedies.

PDF | 8.6 MB

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Learning Medicine

Seventeenth edition
By Peter Richards, Rosalind Foster, Elizabeth Ingall
Cambridge University Press
ISBN-13 978-0-521-67962-6

Learning Medicine

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Pathology Illustrated

5th Edition
By Peter S. Macfarlane, Robin Reid, Robin Callander
Churchill Livingstone
ISBN-10 / ASIN: 044305956X

Pathology Illustrated

Download Pathology Illustrated

Surgical Treatment of Hilar and Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Luigi Marchiori, Silvia Pachera, Luca Bortolasi, Riccardo Manfredi, Paola Capelli
ISBN 978-88-470-0728-4
Springer-Verlag Italia 2008

Surgical Treatment of Hilar and Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Download Surgical Treatment of Hilar and Intrahepatic Cholangiocarcinoma

Handbook of Forensic Drug Analysis

Academic Press
ISBN 0126506418
PDF 3.5 MB

Handbook of Forensic Drug Analysis

Download Handbook of Forensic Drug Analysis

Pediatric Oncology Nursing: Advanced Clinical Handbook

ISBN: 3540408517
PDF format
Pediatric Oncology Nursing: Advanced Clinical Handbook

Download Pediatric Oncology Nursing: Advanced Clinical Handbook

Quick Medical Terminology:A Self-Teaching Guide

4th Edition
By Shirley Soltesz Steiner, R.N., M.S.
ISBN 0-471-23359-5
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey

Quick Medical Terminology:A Self-Teaching Guide

Download Quick Medical Terminology:A Self-Teaching Guide

Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery

By John W. L. Fielding and Michael T. Hallissey
Series Editor: John Lumley
With 156 Illustrations
ISBN 1852336072
Springer-Verlag London Limited 2005

Upper Gestrointestinal Surgery

Download Upper Gastrointestinal Surgery

Dawn - Lucifer's Halo, No. 6

Part 6 - Strike While the Iron Is Hot

32 pics | 14.7 MB

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InDesign Magazine, Feb/Mar 2007

Mind the Gaps
Is your text full of ugly holes? Eda Warren tackles the tricky topic of optimal hyphenation and justification.

Fill Your Head
Make an image sandwich. Automate InDesign. Create interactive buttons. Mix page sizes in one file.

PDF | 10.3 MB

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Silky Whip, No. 1 (Adult Comics)

Silky Whip, No. 1 - Mating Rituals

19 pics | 2.8 MB

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FHM Calendar 2008

Mihaela Radulescu, Cosmina Pasarin, Delia Florea, Elena Gheorghe, and more.

12 pics | 1280 x 1024 | 1.1 MB

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CineMagic, No. 3

The guide to fantastic filmmaking.

Building a Robot
Methods and materials are explored for the construction of mechanical actors in your SF film.

First Steps as an Animator
Author and animator Kit Laybourne emphasizes the importance of establishing your own style.

Fluid Art
An unusual animation technique.

A new section listing books and other publications with information and techniques for the filmmaker.

PDF | 23.1 MB

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America's Most Wanted Recipes, Volume 2

Author: Ron Douglas


Date: 2007

Pages: 114


Discover the secret recipes for your favorite restaurant dishes and learn how to make them yourself. This cookbook will teach you the jealously guarded secrets behind actual dishes from billion dollar restaurants -- The Cheesecake Factory, KFC, The Olive Garden, PF Chang's, Red Lobster, Hard Rock Cafe... and show you how to easily make them at home! Get kudos from family and friends when they find out you actually made these dishes yourself!

PDF | 1.4 MB

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MCTS (Exam 70-620): Microsoft Windows Vista Client Configuration Study Guide

Author: Michael Aldridge, Josh Evitt, Lisa Donald, James Chellis

Publisher: Sybex

Date: April 2, 2007

Pages: 678


With the release of Windows Vista, Microsoft is introducing a new job-skills Windows Vista certification. The MCTS: Windows Vista Client Configuration exam (70-620) serves as both a one-exam certification for the Technology Specialist certification track as well as the entry exam for both the IT Professional Enterprise Support and IT Professional Consumer Support certifications. This comprehensive book offers practical guidance and prepares you for the exam. Inside you'll find:

  • Full coverage of all exam objectives in a systematic approach, so you can be confident you're getting the instruction you need for the exam
  • Practical hands-on exercises to reinforce critical skills
  • Exclusive WinSim Vista Simulator that allows you to perform a number of the exercises in a simulated environment
  • Real-world scenarios that put what you've learned in the context of actual job roles
  • Challenging review questions in each chapter to prepare you for exam day
  • Exam Essentials, a key feature in each chapter that identifies critical areas you must become proficient in before taking exam 70-620

PDF | 15.6 MB

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Maria Sharapova, Sports Illustrated 2007 Swimsuit Calendar

Since winning the 2004 Wimbledon singles championship at the age of 17, tennis ace Maria Sharapova has soared to superstardom, both on and off the tennis court.

Maria finished 2005 as the fourth-ranked player in the world and was named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People."

With gorgeous photos from Sports Illustrated, you can view Maria as you've never seen her before!

Birth name: Maria Yuryevna Sharapova
Birth date: April 19, 1987
Birth location: Nyagan, Russia
Height: 188 cm (6' 2")

13 pics | 2253 x 1635 (Super HQ) | 5.8 MB

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The Plot, January 2008

Lucky Star
After one of the most appreciated debuts in recent times, this doe-eyed beauty could have become a one-hit wonder. Instead Vidya Balan seems to have acquired the Midas Touch going on to star in a string of hits that shows no sign of abating.

Time Travel
God may be in the details but do the lavish sets, extravagant costumes and mind-numbing research of period films take away from the entertainment?

Highlights of 2007 in Television Land
Recounting the momentous happenings of 2007 on the idiot box.

The King of Rock 'n' Roll
A truck driver with a dream that ended as a nightmare, Elvis Presley believed he was God and, strangely enough, so did the world.

PDF | 2.6 MB

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Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging

Author: Albert L. Baert

Publisher: Springer

Date: January 2008

Pages: 1966


The aim of this comprehensive encyclopedia is to provide detailed information on diagnostic radiology contributing to the broad field of imaging. The wide range of entries in the Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging are written by leading experts in the field. They will provide basic and clinical scientists in academia, practice, as well as industry, with valuable information about the field of diagnostic imaging, but also people in related fields, students, teachers, and interested laypeople will benefit from the important and relevant information on the most recent developments of imaging.

The Encyclopedia of Diagnostic Imaging will contain around 3,559 entries, divided into 15 sections consisting of 529 fully structured essays and 2147 short definitions. All entries will be arranged in alphabetical order with extensive cross-referencing between them.

PDF | 45.3 MB

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Digital Camera Magazine, February 2006

Guide to electronic photography and imaging.

LCD Flat Panels: 19"– 21"
The war is over and flat panels won. Here are six contenders for your desk.

Mastering Photoshop: Tips & Techniques
An inside look at Smart Sharpen and Image Warp tools, from the new bookHow To Do Everything With Photoshop CS2 from Adobe Press.

Snapshots to Superb Shots
How to take the ordinary and turn it into something extraordinary.

Long Zoom Digital Cameras
We tested eight mid-priced models with 5x and greater zoom range.

Brilliant Frame
Try a backlit picture frame and watch people light up.

PDF | 3.6 MB

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Digital Camera Magazine, December 2005

Guide to electronic photography and imaging.

MacIntel: Update or Wait?
Should you upgrade your old workhorse or junk it for a shiny new one?

American Memory: FSA Photo Archive 1935-1945
Your high-resolution heritage is now freely available for download.

Canon 1DS Mark II vs. Nikon D2X
The two top DSLRs content for the title World's Greatest Digital Camera.

Controlling White Balance with RAW files
Capture everything your camera sees, then perfect it in your computer.

PhotoGlow Illuminated Photo Frame
How to create unbelievably gorgeous prints that glow from within.

PDF | 4.5 MB

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Science, January 25, 2008

A male lark bunting in the Pawnee National Grassland, Colorado. The plumage quality of the males determines their reproductive success, but different aspects of the black and white markings are preferred by females in different years. This variability alters the long-term sexual selection dynamics and may favor the evolution of multiple sexual ornaments.

A Time War Over the Period We Live In
Like astronomers battling over the status of Pluto, geoscientists are revving up to settle the fate of the interval of time known as the Quaternary, as well as the status, some feel, of an entire field.

Why We're Different: Probing the Gap Between Apes and Humans
Researchers at a high-level meeting probe the ancient question of what sets the human brain apart from those of other primates.

Shell Shock Revisited: Solving the Puzzle of Blast Trauma
Even at a distance, explosions may cause lasting damage to the brain. Such findings could have big implications for arming and compensating troops.

100% Accuracy in Automatic Face Recognition
The simple process of image averaging can boost the performance of a commercial face recognition system to 100% accuracy.

PDF | 8.8 MB

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Servo, February 2008

The RoboCooler
Find a few design tidbits in this embedded "appliance" application to use in your next build.

The MechBash Traveling Robot Show
See what happens when you combine Mechwars robot combat with BotBash into one event.

Maker Faire
Pleos, horses, monkeys, and parrots were just a few of the robotic pets that Faire attendees had the opportunity to get up close and personal with.

Building a Stepper Motor Controller: Part 1
This controller is based on the STMicroelectronics L6208, which is a single-IC DMOS driver.

Capacity: The Key to Battery Runtime
Take a quick look at emerging rapid-test technologies for deep-cycle, lead-acid batteries.

Reviving an Androbot BOB
Get your BOB rolling again.

PDF | 14.1 MB

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eWeek, January 21, 2008

Social engineering
The tools for building enterprise social networks may already be at hand.

How green is your IT valley?
Sometimes, it depends on what your company's definition of "green" is.

Enterprise app saga continues
Oracle finally nets BEA, while Sun announces MySQL purchase.

Moving to a diskless storage state
EMC's flash-based SSDs put them ahead of the competition, but for how long?

Microsoft back in EU cross hairs
Regulators launch two new antitrust investigations against the software maker.

DBAs slow to apply patches
Oracle is sending out numerous fixes, but many IT pros put those on hold.

PDF | 2.1 MB

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Lucy Pinder, Official 2008 Calendar

Lucy Pinder was in spotted in August 2003 when a freelance photographer noticed her sunbathing on a Bournemouth beach. With the success of these first photographs, Lucy signed a contract with national British newspaper The Daily Star, which thrust her into the public eye and garnered an immediate fan base which continues to grow around the world. She remains one of the most popular and sought after models in the UK.

Birth name: Lucy Katherine Pinder
Birth date: 1983-12-20
Birth location: Winchester, Hampshire, England
Measurements: 32G-26-34 in. (86-66-86 cm)
Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)

13 pics | 500 x 710 | 1.2 MB

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Scientific American, January 2008

A Solar Grand Plan
An ambitious scheme would enable solar power to end U.S. dependence on foreign oil and slash greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The SciAm 50
Which researchers, companies and architects of industrial and government policy are leading the most important trends shaping tomorrow's technologies? Our annual roundup of world shakers gives credit where it is due.

Taming Vessels to Treat Cancer
Drugs that restore order to the chaotic blood vessels inside a tumor open a window of opportunity for attacking it.

Second Thoughts about Fluoride
New research indicates that a cavity-fighting treatment could be risky if overused.

Self-Powered Nanotech
Tiny systems that draw waste energy from their surroundings could power nanosize machines.

Hotspots Unplugged
Long considered fixed founts of molten material from deep within the planet, the hotspots that raise islands now join the list of the earth's moving parts.

The Human Instrument
When judged by its size, our vocal system fails to impress as a musical instrument. How, then, can it produce all those remarkable sounds?

PDF | 7.7 MB

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eWeek, January 14, 2008

Bill Gates, Funny Man
Bill Gates' last CES speech gets laughs.

The Device Dilemma
What happens when personal devices bump up against corporate IT?

Continuous Data Protection
Despite a clear need, many companies wait until it is too late.

Walking the WLAN Wire
AirDefense CTO discusses current wireless network threat landscape.

PDF | 1.9 MB

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Lucy Pinder in Swimming Pool

Lucy Pinder was in spotted in August 2003 when a freelance photographer noticed her sunbathing on a Bournemouth beach. With the success of these first photographs, Lucy signed a contract with national British newspaper The Daily Star, which thrust her into the public eye and garnered an immediate fan base which continues to grow around the world. She remains one of the most popular and sought after models in the UK.

Birth name: Lucy Katherine Pinder
Birth date: 1983-12-20
Birth location: Winchester, Hampshire, England
Measurements: 32G-26-34 in. (86-66-86 cm)
Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)

14 pics | 1300 x 2000 (Super HQ) | 3.8 MB

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Elektor Electronics, February 2008

Surround Light for PC and TV
Due to the fact that we received two circuit designs for television mood lighting and they both fit with the theme of this issue, we initiated a unique Elektor project: in this issue we present two completely different designs that produce nearly the same effect. Our French contributor Alex Vercey took the analogue approach, while Steffen Schütte from Germany went the "microcontroller way". See, compare, experience for yourself.

What University
So you were thinking of studying for an Electronics and Electrical Engineering degree or similar qualification at a UK university or other higher level educational establishment? Here's a 3-step primer on the subject.

CAN Explorer
Implementing the CAN bus network is not a trivial undertaking. This low-cost solution is a CAN board which sits between the CAN bus and a PC. Using the versatile (free) software it can monitor activity on the network and test the functioning of other nodes.

LED Ringflash
With macro-photography, if lighting conditions are not ideal, it will be necessary to resort to the use of flash, with the attendant risk of shadows. The solution is a ringflash -- and while we're about it, why not one using LEDs?

Power to the LEDs
In two short picture stories we tell not only how LEDs are designed and produced (basically!), but also look at what Philips Lumileds Lighting Systems are pursuing technically in a bid at making a versatile high-power LED for mass production.

PDF | 12.9 MB

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Elektor Electronics, January 2008

CO2 Measurement
Too high a concentration of CO2 leads to feelings of tiredness, disturbs concentration, and causes headaches. The CO2 meter described here makes it easy to determine the concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. A microcontroller monitors the measured value and can trigger an alarm or start up a ventilation system when a preset threshold is exceeded.

Economical with Energy
Handy energy meters are available that can just be plugged into a power point and then indicate on a display how much power the appliance uses. How accurate are these meters and what can you actually measure with them? We examined a few of these meters in the Elektor laboratory.

Anti-Standby Switch
Energy Saving may well be a must-have feature for home entertainment products sold today but there are still millions of older and even not-soold appliances that are guzzling far too much juice in the all too convenient standby mode. The anti-standby switch described here saves the planet's energy -- and yours too!

Versatile DC Power Meter
This compact DC power supply instrument module can be used with new supplies and older types lacking this capability. And thanks to microcontroller technology, it offers some bonus features.

PDF | 13.3 MB

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IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition

Author: Silvia Hagen

Publisher: O'Reilly

Date: May 2006

Pages: 436


IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition provides a succinct, in-depth tour of all the new features and functions in IPv6. It guides you through everything you need to know to get started, including how to configure IPv6 on hosts and routers and which applications currently support IPv6. The new IPv6 protocols offers extended address space, scalability, improved support for security, real-time traffic support, and auto-configuration so that even a novice user can connect a machine to the Internet. Aimed at system and network administrators, engineers, network designers, and IT managers, this book will help you understand, plan for, design, and integrate IPv6 into your current IPv4 infrastructure.

Beginning with a short history of IPv6, author Silvia Hagen provides an overview of new functionality and discusses why we need IPv6. Hagen also shares exhaustive discussions of the new IPv6 header format and Extension Headers, IPv6 address and ICMPv6 message format, Security, QoS, Mobility and, last but not least, offers a Quick Start Guide for different operating systems. IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition also covers:

  • In-depth technical guide to IPv6
  • Mechanisms and Case Studies that show how to integrate IPv6 into your network without interruption of IPv4 services
  • Routing protocols and upper layer protocols
  • Security in IPv6: concepts and requirements. Includes the IPSEC framework and security elements available for authentication and encryption
  • Quality of Service: covers the elements available for QoS in IPv6 and how they can be implemented
  • Detailed discussion of DHCPv6 and Mobile IPv6
  • Discussion of migration cost and business case
  • Getting started on different operating systems: Sun Solaris, Linux, BSD, Windows XP, and Cisco routers

Whether you're ready to start implementing IPv6 today or are planning your strategy for the future, IPv6 Essentials, Second Edition will provide the solid foundation you need to get started.

CHM | 4.5 MB

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JUNOS Cookbook

Author: Aviva Garrett

Publisher: O'Reilly

Date: April 2006

Pages: 682


The Juniper Networks routing platforms are becoming the go-to solution for core, edge, metro and remote office networks, and JUNOS software is behind it all. The operating system is so full of industrial-strength routing protocols and IP innovations that those treading into the world of JUNOS will need clarification, explanation, and a showcase example or two. Look no further. This JUNOS Cookbook provides it all and more.

Yes, you can mine through the 5,000 pages of documentation or take a two-thousand-dollar training course, but JUNOS's interprocess sophistication can be baffling unless you know the shortcuts and tricks, as well as those rays of illuminating comprehension that can come only from those who live with it. JUNOS Cookbook is the first comprehensive book about JUNOS software and it provides over 200 time-saving step-by-step techniques including discussions about the processes and alternative ways to perform the same task. It's been tested and tech-reviewed by field engineers who know how to take JUNOS out for a spin and it's applicable to the entire line of M-, T-, and J-series routers. JUNOS Cookbook will not only pay for itself the first few times you use it, it will make your network easier to manage and update.

CHM | 1.4 MB

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Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

Author: Greg Kroah-Hartman

Publisher: O'Reilly

Date: December 2006

Pages: 352


Written by a leading developer and maintainer of the Linux kernel, Linux Kernel in a Nutshell is a comprehensive overview of kernel configuration and building, a critical task for Linux users and administrators.

No distribution can provide a Linux kernel that meets all users' needs. Computers big and small have special requirements that require reconfiguring and rebuilding the kernel. Whether you are trying to get sound, wireless support, and power management working on a laptop or incorporating enterprise features such as logical volume management on a large server, you can benefit from the insights in this book.

Linux Kernel in a Nutshell covers the entire range of kernel tasks, starting with downloading the source and making sure that the kernel is in sync with the versions of the tools you need. In addition to configuration and installation steps, the book offers reference material and discussions of related topics such as control of kernel options at runtime.

A key benefit of the book is a chapter on determining exactly what drivers are needed for your hardware. Also included are recipes that list what you need to do to accomplish a wide range of popular tasks.

CHM | 1.2 MB

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Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks

Author: Brian Jepson, Ernest E. Rothman

Publisher: O'Reilly

Date: June 2005

Pages: 415


If you're one of the many Unix developers drawn to Mac OS X for its Unix core, you'll find yourself in surprisingly unfamiliar territory. Unix and Mac OS X are kissing cousins, but there are enough pitfalls and minefields in going from one to another that even a Unix guru can stumble, and most guides to Mac OS X are written for Mac aficionados. For a Unix developer, approaching Tiger from the Mac side is a bit like learning Russian by reading the Russian side of a Russian-English dictionary. Fortunately, O'Reilly has been the Unix authority for over 25 years, and in Mac OS X Tiger for Unix Geeks, that depth of understanding shows.

This is the book for Mac command-line fans. Completely revised and updated to cover Mac OS X Tiger, this new edition helps you quickly and painlessly get acclimated with Tiger's familiar-yet foreign-Unix environment. Topics include:

  • Using the Terminal and understanding how it differs from an xterm
  • Using Directory Services, Open Directory (LDAP), and NetInfo
  • Compiling code with GCC 3
  • Library linking and porting Unix software
  • Creating and installing packages with Fink
  • Using DarwinPorts
  • Search through metadata with Spotlight's command-line utilities
  • Building the Darwin kernel
  • Running X Windows on top of Mac OS X, or better yet, run Mac OS X on a Windows machine with PearPC!

CHM | 6.6 MB

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UNIX for Dummies

Author: John R. Levine, Margaret Levine Young

Publisher: Wiley

Date: Jan 30, 2004

Pages: 108


This guide presents thorough coverage of how to handle Unix installation, file management, software, utilities, networks, Internet access, GNOME and KDE desktops, common problems, and more.

Understand the UNIX shell, go online with new browser options, and get things done. So you’re using UNIX these days? Sure, it can be a little tricky, but this friendly guide will lead you through all its peculiarities. Soon you’ll understand the GNOME and KDE desktops, know the secret names of your Web files, Samba with the file server, and most importantly, know how to sidestep common problems.

Discover how to:

  • Find out which flavor of UNIX you have
  • Manage UNIX on a LAN
  • Handle files and directories for Web sites
  • Build good directory structures
  • Recover missing or damaged files

CHM | 3 MB

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Lucy Pinder in Maxim UK, Feb 2008

Lucy! Bares all in her best ever shoot! She's topless, yet wearing a bra... we're confused, but also aroused.

Lucy Pinder was in spotted in August 2003 when a freelance photographer noticed her sunbathing on a Bournemouth beach. With the success of these first photographs, Lucy signed a contract with national British newspaper The Daily Star, which thrust her into the public eye and garnered an immediate fan base which continues to grow around the world. She remains one of the most popular and sought after models in the UK.

Birth name: Lucy Katherine Pinder
Birth date: 1983-12-20
Birth location: Winchester, Hampshire, England
Measurements: 32G-26-34 in. (86-66-86 cm)
Height: 5' 5" (165 cm)

11 pics | 2490 x 3498 (Ultra HQ) | 13.6 MB

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Playboy's Campus Girls Uncensored

Kim Hiott, Katie Cleary, Kelly Hargraves, Arlene Lopez, Melissa Mastrapa, Lindsey Vuolo, Colleen Marie, Katherine Hadorn, Logan McKennah, Heather Christensen, Erin Connor, Lizette Bordeaux, Christi Shake, Kimberly Holland, Leslie Elizabeth, Morgan Mickler, Jenni Rae.

PDF | 2.9 MB

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Megan Fox in Maxim UK, Feb 2008

Megan Fox is outrageously hot. She was the best thing about the Transformers film, and in real life she's a sex-obsessed, rebellious wild child.

Megan Fox is an American actress and model, best known for her roles on the TV series Hope & Faith and in the 2007 film Transformers.

In 2006, she was ranked #68 in FHM magazine's "100 Sexiest Women in the World 2006" supplement.

In 2007, she was ranked #18 in Maxim magazine's "Hot 100" list.

Birth name: Megan Denise Fox
Birth date: May 16, 1986
Birth location: Rockwood, Tennessee, USA
Height: 168 cm (5' 6")

6 pics | 1280 x 1880 (Super HQ) | 2.8 MB

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Everyday Practical Electronics, February 2008

Electrosmog Sniffer
Sniff out those electromagnetic fields.

Stereo Preamplifier
A superb preamplifier for the audio enthusiast.

Low-Cost Intercooler Water Spray Controller
A sophisticated way of controlling a turbo car's intercooler water spray.

MIDI Drum Kit - 3
Mechanical construction and optical sensor.

Teach-In 2008 - Using PIC Microcontrollers Part 4
Using alphanumeric LCDs under PIC control.

PDF | 10.4 MB

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Complete Origami

Author: Eric Kenneway

Publisher: Ebury Press

Date: 1987

Pages: 194


Origami, the Japanese art of folding paper.

An A-Z of facts and folds, with step-by-step instructions for over 100 projects.

A unique collection of origami facts, anecdotes, and techniques.

Over 300 step-by-step diagrams, with easy-to-follow instructions on how to make professional-looking objects.

An essential source book for all origami enthusiasts -- whatever their age or level of skill.

PDF | 91 MB

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Monday, January 28, 2008

CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate FastPass

From the author of Sybex’s best-selling CCNA: Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide comes the streamlined tool you need to hone in on critical CCNA information: CCNA Fast Pass. The enclosed CD lets you practice, practice, practice so you can approach the exam with confidence.

Coverage includes:
Designing Cisco internetworks
Developing an access list
Evaluating TCP/IP communication
Configuring routers and switches
Configuring IP addresses, subnet masks, and gateway addresses
Performing LAN, VLAN, and WAN troubleshooting
Understanding rules for packet control

Featured on the CD
The enclosed CD features two CCNA practice exams covering all exam objectives. You also get 100 electronic flashcards for PCs, Pocket PCs, and Palm handhelds, plus a glossary of key terms.

Note: CD-ROM/DVD and other supplementary materials are not included as part of eBook file.

IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide (3rd Edition) (Lab Companion)

The only Cisco authorized Lab Companion for the IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software course from the Cisco Networking Academy Program
New Labs and Study Guide format provides on-line labs from the Academy curriculum as well as challenge labs from the authors
Study guide sections offer learning and practice exercises
Alignment to A+ objectives prepares students for certification exam

The IT Essentials: PC Hardware and Software Labs and Study Guide is designed as a valuable teaching and learning toolLabs sections feature the complete collection of the lab exercises specifically written for the ITE1 course in the Cisco Networking Academy Program, reviewed by instructors and formatted and edited by Cisco Press. The Study Guide sections are designed to provide additional exercises and activities to reinforce students’ understanding of the course topics, preparing them for the course assessments and focusing on preparing for the associated certifications (A+ and EUCIP). Each chapter is customized to the learning needs of the material and includes some or all of the following types of exercises; for the Academy curriculum, incorporating new features to improve students’ hands-on skills and reinforce the key topics of the course. The
Vocabulary Matching and Completion
Skill Building Activities and Scenarios
HelpDesk Scenarios
Concept Questions
Journal Entries
Internet Research

The study guide is more than just “busy work” and fill-in-the-blank exercises. It contains thought-provoking concept and focus questions for essential review of course content prior to assessments.

Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide (3rd Edition)

Newly revised and updated for Java 2 standards, the second edition of The Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide is packed with information on what you’ll need to know to pass both the Sun Java Programmer and Developer Exams. With Java certification becoming ever more popular, this title is an essential resource for anyone who’s preparing for it.

The cover of the book asserts that one of its team authors actually contributes questions to Sun’s tests.

The goal here isn’t so much to beat the testmakers (although the book has plenty to say about test-taking strategy) as it is to master the finer points of Java that you’ll need to understand to succeed on the exam. The focus is on the areas that Sun has defined as important. The Programmer Exam–the first level of Sun certification–is covered first. Basic language features are reviewed, such as access specifiers, operators, and other keywords that will help make you an expert. (Some sections explain with great clarity the mysteries of Java’s “extra” shift operator and other features.) Other chapters cover threads and multithreading strategies, as well as user-interface design with layout managers (which Sun considers important).

The second half of the volume concentrates on the Developer Exam, a more free-form exercise in which programmers write custom code, based on a specification from Sun. Two case studies, one for a room-scheduling application and another for a trouble-ticket system that tracks requests for technical support, illustrate this test. As the solution is presented, you’ll learn how to build custom client/server software, and how to use Remote Method Invocation (RMI) and other advanced techniques. There’s also advice for the best programming styles and choices for passing this challenging exam.

As in the previous edition, each chapter in this book concludes with sample questions (about 10 each) to help you study. In the new edition, there’s now a full sample Programmer Exam (both printed and on the accompanying CD-ROM), which simulates the length and format of the real thing. In all, the new edition of this previously bestselling title will continue to provide helpful preparation for anyone who seeks Sun certification.

Despite the bulk (over 900 pages), this book actually makes for quick reading, and will help anyone decipher some of the more difficult aspects of the Java programming language. –Richard Dragan

Topics covered:
Introduction to Sun certification and the Programmer Exam
Java language fundamentals: primitive data types, literals, arrays, and garbage collection
Java operators up close (including evaluation order and the shift operators)
Access specifiers (public, private, default, and protected)
Converting and casting rules in Java (including promotions)
Flow-control statements
Exception handling
Object-oriented design primer
Overloading and overriding
Inheritance and subclassing
Inner classes
Threads and synchronization techniques
Using the Math, String, and StringBuffer classes effectively
The Java 2 Collections API
Layout managers
Event handling
AWT components
File I/O
Introduction to the Sun Developer Exam
Sample room-reservation case study
Working with Java databases
Creating a client/server system from scratch
Remote Method Invocation (RMI)
Multithreading issues
User-interface design with Swing
Trouble-ticket problem tracker case study
Using Swing JTable, JTree, and other Swing controls
How to submit finished exam work to Sun
Tips for the follow-up exam
Sample Programmer Exam (including CD-ROM version)
The future of Sun certification

Book Description:

Want to conquer two of the most difficult programmer certifications? The new edition of the best-selling Complete Java 2 Certification Study Guide is the resource you need. Authors Philip Heller and Simon Roberts, developers of Sun’s Programmer and Developer exams for the Java 2 Platform, give you everything you need to pass the exams the first time. This fully revised edition is updated for the changes in both exams, including coverage of new objectives for J2SE 1.4, a new emphasis on Swing and RMI, and information for tackling the new format of the Developer exam. The book is also enhanced with all-new features from Sybex’s market-leading Study Guides, including Exam Essential sections to reinforce key subject areas and real-world scenario sidebars with sample programming assignments. The companion CD contains all the review questions from the book, a practice programmer’s exam, and 150 random-test questions, including 100 new questions. The CD also includes a fully searchable electronic edition of the book.

MCTS Windows Vista Client Configuration Passport (Exam 70-620) (Mike Meyer’s Certification Passport)

Get on the fast track to becoming a Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist with this affordable, portable study tool. Inside, Microsoft Certified Trainer Brian Culp will guide you on your career path, providing expert tips and sound advice along the way. With an intensive focus on only what you need to know to pass MCTS Exam 70-620, this certification passport is your ticket to success on exam day.

Itineraries–List of official exam objectives covered
ETAs–Amount of time needed to complete each lesson
Travel Advisories–Expert advice on critical topics
Local Lingo–Concise definitions of key terms and concepts
Travel Assistance–Recommended resources for more information
Exam Tips–Common exam pitfalls and solutions
Checkpoints–End-of-chapter questions, answers, and explanations
Career Flight Path–Career options mapped out to maximize the return from your IT journey

MCITP SQL Server 2005 Database Administration All-in-One Exam Guide (Exams 70-431, 70-443, & 70-444) (All-in-One)

Get complete coverage of all three Microsoft Certified IT Professional database administration exams for SQL Server 2005 in this comprehensive volume. Written by a SQL Server expert and MCITP, this definitive exam guide features learning objectives at the beginning of each chapter, exam tips, practice questions, and in-depth explanations. Detailed and authoritative, the book serves as both a complete certification study guide and an essential on-the-job reference.

Get full details on all exam topics including how to:
Install and configure SQL Server 2005
Use Transact-SQL
Manage server infrastructure design
Optimize databases
Secure databases and servers
Ensure high availability
Implement backup and recovery strategies
Maximize the built-in administration tools
Use Business Intelligence tools, including SSIS and SSRS
Manage concurrency

The CD-ROM features:
Six full practice exams–two for each exam: 70-431, 70-443, and 70-444
Scripts from the step-by-step exercises in the book
Video training clips from the author
Complete electronic book

CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide (Exam PW0-100), Fourth Edition (Certification Press)

Fully authorized by the exam developers at the CWNP program, this comprehensive study guide thoroughly covers all the topics on the CWNA certification exam. Work at your own pace through a system of lessons, scenarios, and review questions to learn the material quickly and easily.

CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator Official Study Guide will help you prepare for the exam by showing you, step-by-step, how to implement, troubleshoot, and maintain wireless LANs. Get the only study guide endorsed by the creators of the CWNA exam and start your career as an expert wireless network administrator.

Maximize your performance on the exam by learning:
Wireless Standards, Organizations, and Applications
Radio Frequency and Antenna Fundamentals
Spread Spectrum Technologies
IEEE 802.11
WLAN Design Models, Topologies, and Infrastructure
Site Surveying and Network Planning
Infrastructure and Client Hardware and Software

Complete Exam Coverage
Comprehensive details on all CWNA exam objectives
Review questions modeled after the real exam
Helpful chapter summaries and key term lists
Vendor-neutral coverage of wireless technologies and equipment


MCTS Windows Vista Client Configuration Study Guide (Exam 70-620) (Study Guide & CD)

With hundreds of practice questions and hands-on exercises, MCTS Windows Vista Client Configuration Study Guide covers what you need to know–and shows you how to prepare–for this challenging exam.
100% complete coverage of all official objectives for exam 70-620
Exam Readiness Checklist at the front of the book-you’re ready for the exam when all objectives on the list are checked off
Inside the Exam sections in every chapter highlight key exam topics covered
Simulated exam questions match the format, tone, topics, and difficulty of the real exam

Covers all the exam topics, including:

Installation * User Account Control and Parental Controls *Windows Drivers * Windows Aero and Internet Explorer * Windows Defender and Windows Firewall * Networking and Remote Access * Media Applications * Windows Mail and Windows Meeting Space * Windows Sidebar, Windows Calendar, and Windows Fax and Scan * Reliability and Performance Issues * Windows Update, Data Protection, and Power Options * Mobile Computing

CD-ROM includes:
Complete MasterExam practice testing engine, featuring: One full practice exam; Detailed answers with explanations; Score Report performance assessment tool
20 CertCam instructional video clips (Windows and iPod format)
MasterSim interactive task simulation software
One-hour LearnKey video training session
Electronic book for studying on the go

With free online registration:
Bonus downloadable MasterExam practice test