Friday, January 25, 2008

Mathematics and Sex

Author: Clio Cresswell

Publisher: Allen & Unwin

Date: 2003

Pages: 192


Mathematics and sex may make odd bedfellows, but this fun, flirty look at the relationship between the two subjects shows that they are closely related. Revealing the ways in which math can help unlock the secrets of love, lust, and life's search for the ideal partner, this intriguing text covers topics such as dating services, dating as game theory, the mathematical logic of affairs, and the numbers behind orgasms.

Math's answers to love's burning questions are also revealed:

  • How much should one compromise in a relationship?
  • Exactly what is it that is attractive in a lover?
  • How many partners should one have before settling down?
  • What makes the infamous biological clock tick?

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