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Maxim Ukraine, June 2008

Maxim Ukraine, June 2008.

PDF | Russian | 88.4 MB

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Brigitte de luxe Maid, Part 2 (Adult Comics)

Brigitte de luxe Maid, Part 2.

By Colber.

47 pics | 30.4 MB

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Playboy Ukraine, June 2008

Playboy Ukraine, June 2008.

PDF | Russian | 88.8 MB

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Rebecca Wienands in Penthouse Germany, June 2008

Birth date: February 6, 1987
Measurements: 35.5-24-35.5 in. (90-61-90 cm)
Height: 5' 10" (178 cm)

8 pics | 900 x 1180 (Super HQ) | 1.1 MB

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Newlook, May 2008

Newlook, Mai 2008.

Eden April
Un nom de rêve sur un corps de sirène qui, outre-Atlantique, a déjà fait chavirer le Américains dans Les Experts, Las Vegas.

Julia Channel & Katsuni
Quand l'ex-bombe du porno se confie à la star du moment, ça sent les confidences classées X!

Morts à Vif
Un scientifique a inventé un procédé révolutionnaire pour conserver les cadavres. Saignant!

Le Festin Des Ours
70 tonnes de barbaque de baleine échouées sur la banquise, dévorée en quelques jours!

PDF | French | 88.7 MB

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National Geographic, April 2008

The Sahel
The vast swath of sub-Saharan savanna is a world of unseen lines. Crossing one of them landed the writer in a Sudanese jail.

Burs on a dog's coat led to the invention of Velcro. That's an example of biomimetics -- the young science of adapting designs from nature to solve modern problems. Now it may be coming of age.

Almost Human
The Fongoli chimps of Senegal will break off a branch, sharpen it with their teeth, and use it to hunt bush babies. That's just one of the recent discoveries that underscore the ape-human connection.

PDF | 97.2 MB

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PDF (low-res) | 23.1 MB

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FHM France, May 2008

FHM la France - Mai 2008.

Cameron Diaz
Décroche le jackpot!

George Clooney
"Je suis mon acteur préféré."

Attention, Google vous espionne.

Space Girl
Tricia Helfer.

PDF | French | 41.4 MB

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Penthouse Comix, Issue 6

Libby and the Lost World
Episode 6: Libby goes on a diet, but Ugah's the one losing his mind.

Omni Comix Preview: High Guard
The untold story of America's race to the Moon. No sex in this one, Penthouse Pals, just the best science fiction comics mag in history.

Doctor Dare and the Spear of Destiny
Episode 6: Big trouble... in little Rome! At last! Agent D gets what's coming to her!

Episode 3: Madame W's School for Girls!

Hot Stories
Episode 3: Return to Sender.

Penthouse Comix Pet of the Year
She's the best of the best, the Comix heroine you, our beloved readers, picked as this year's hottest.

PDF | 41.8 MB

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Maximal, April 2008

Maximal, Avril 2008.

Virginie de Clausade
Complice d'Arthur dans Les Enfants de la télé, elle a ausi son émission rien qu'à elle et elle sort un livre ce mois-ci.

Le Spécial Mode
Super invité d'honneur David Trezeguet himself!

PDF | French | 89.4 MB

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Resume Magic: Trade Secrets of a Professional Resume Writer, 3rd Edition

Completely updated information on e-resumes, internet resumes, and scannable resumes, this is a giant compendium of before-and-after resume transformations and advice that’s hailed by professional resume writers as the definitve resource for writing and desigining resumes that get people noticed. It provides trade secrets of a professional resume writer to the person out there trying to put together the best possible resume when applying for the “ideal job position” they want to attain.

Introduction to Windows And Graphics Programming With Visual C++ .net

This book provides an accessible approach to the study of Windows® programming with Visual C++®. It is intended to be an introduction to Visual C++® for technical people including practicing engineers, engineering students, and others who would like to understand Windows® programming and use its inherent graphic capabilities. While the book is aimed at a technical audience, the mathematical content is modest and it should be readable by most people interested in C++ programming. Readers of this book will be introduced to Windows® programming in perhaps the most natural way, by using the Visual C++® object-oriented environment and the tools of the Microsoft® Foundation Classes (MFC).

PHP and MySQL for Dynamic Web Sites

PHP and MYSQLfor Dynamic Web Sites: Visual QuickPro Guide (2nd Edition) (Visual QuickPro Guide) by Larry Ullman (Author)
Publisher: Peachpit Press; 2 edition (June 21, 2005) | ISBN-10: 0321336577 | CHM | 57 Mb | 720 pages

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Big Book of Windows Hacks (Windows Secrets)

Bigger, better, and broader in scope, the Big Book of Windows Hacks gives you everything you need to get the most out of your Windows Vista or XP system, including its related applications and the hardware it runs on or connects to. Whether you want to tweak Vista's Aero interface, build customized sidebar gadgets and run them from a USB key, or hack the "unhackable" screensavers, you'll find quick and ingenious ways to bend these recalcitrant operating systems to your will.
The Big Book of Windows Hacks focuses on Vista, the new bad boy on Microsoft's block, with hacks and workarounds that also work for Windows XP. You can read each hack in just a few minutes, saving countless hours of searching for the right answer. The step-by-step instructions let you apply the solutions in no time. This book takes you beyond the operating system with hacks for applications like Internet Explorer 7 and Office 2007, and hardware such as the Zune, your wireless router, and the PC itself.
The Big Book of Windows Hacks includes:
- Expanded tutorials, new background material, a series of "quick hacks", and informative sidebars
- Security hacks, including protection at wireless hotspots, hacking Vista file permissions and user account protection, and more
- Efficiency hacks, such as tweaking your PC hardware, troubleshooting hardware problems, and speeding up system performance
- Fun hacks, like building a custom Media Center PC or turning a PC into a digital video recorder
- "Beyond Windows" hacks for running Linux inside Vista, dual-booting Linux/Windows or XP/Vista, or emulate classic video games on your PC
In all, this remarkable book contains more than 100 hacks so that the power user in you never again needs to be at the mercy of systems and hardware run by Microsoft's omnipotent Vista and XP operating systems.
password :

Windows PowerShell Pocket Reference

This portable reference to Windows PowerShell summarizes both the command shell and scripting language, and provides a concise reference to the major tasks that make PowerShell so successful. It’s an ideal on-the-job tool for Windows administrators who don’t have time to plow through huge books or search online.

Written by Microsoft PowerShell team member Lee Holmes, and excerpted from his Windows PowerShell Cookbook, Windows PowerShell Pocket Reference offers up-to-date coverage of PowerShell’s 1.0 release. You’ll find information on .NET classes and legacy management tools that you need to manage your system, along with chapters on how to write scripts, manage errors, format output, and much more.

Beginning with a whirlwind tour of Windows PowerShell, this convenient guide covers:
PowerShell language and environment
Regular expression reference
PowerShell automatic variables
Standard PowerShell verbs
Selected .NET classes and their uses
WMI reference
Selected COM objects and their uses
.NET string formatting
.NET datetime formatting
An authoritative source of information about PowerShell since its earliest betas, Lee Holmes’ vast experience lets him incorporate both the “how” and the “why” into the book’s discussions. His relationship with the PowerShell and administration community — through newsgroups, mailing lists, and his informative blog Lee Holmes — gives him insight into problems faced by administrators and PowerShell users alike.

If you’re ready to learn this powerful tool without having to break stride in your routine, this is the book you want.

Computer Power User, July 2008

The future of processing.

Battle of the Browsers
Finding an IE alternative isn't a problem; choosing one is.

Eee PC Storage Mod
Add more gigabytes in a flash.

Do You Hulu?
BigMedia's YouTube killer.

The Bleeding Edge of Software
Inside the world of betas.

PDF | 22 MB

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Playboy France, May 2008

Playboy Magazine Édition Française, Mai 2008.

Cover Star
Isild le Besco

Playmate du Mois
La belle Ruth Crilly réactualise les poses de la toute première Playmate, qui fit en 1953 la couverture du no 1 de Playboy.

Point de Vue
Cannes, encore et toujours.

Vincent Gallo Dandy superstar.

PDF | French | 26.9 MB

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Closer, May 12, 2008

Closer, No 152, du 12 au 18 Mai 2008.

Angelina Jolie
Pourquoi elle veut accoucher en France.

"Richard? Je ne lui ai apporté que des emmerdes..."

"Avec Lorie, quand on se saute dessus, c'est quelque chose."

PDF | French | 35.3 MB

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Wood, July 2008

20 Best Router Tips & Tricks
Make your router more accurate and versatile using these simple jigs and techniques.

Crafting Keepsake Furniture in a "Throwaway World"
As competitive compromises whittle away at the durability of today's mass-produced furniture, building your own heirloom-quality pieces makes more sense than ever.

Fun & Fancy Yo-Yo
Here's your chance to transform a few pieces into an eye-catching toy.

Mission End Table
Build this super-simple yet stylish project using only 5 power tools!

In-Drawer Knife Holder
Put your shop leftovers to work in the kitchen.

PDF | 18.6 MB

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Nuts & Volts, June 2008

Precision Stereo Headphone Amplifier
For about $30 in parts for the core amplifier and a weekend of soldering, you can enjoy premium audiophile sound through your MP3 player or iPod.

The Serial Port Is Dead! Long Live the Serial Port!
Taming The Universal Serial Bus. Sure, USB sounds like a great idea if you're a PC motherboard designer or a nuclear brain surgeon. But the rest of us just miss the simplicity of serial over a DB-25. Regain your mastery of serial comms with this cool little experiment.

Ovenflow 1.0
Discover a program to control SMD (surface-mount device) soldering using a toaster oven.

PCB Basics: From Your Brain to a Finished Board
Learn how easy the process really is to turn your schematic into a finished printed circuit board.

PDF | 15.6 MB

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Science, May 23, 2008

A hot spring in Bali, Indonesia. The discovery of thriving microbial communities in such unexpected places has motivated investigation into the diversity and distribution of microbial life. The special issue explores the microbial world.

Microbial Ecology
News stories look at the hidden microbial world inside sponges and ongoing efforts to classify microbes with respect to their environments, while Review articles discuss the microbial processes that drive earth's biogeochemical cycles and approaches to understanding the distribution of microbial taxa and their traits.

Sichuan Disaster
Landslides unleashed by the rupture on 12 May of a more than 200-kilometer section of the Longmenshan fault in Sichuan, China, followed by powerful aftershocks, dammed parts of nine rivers, creating 24 new lakes; experts are worried about another catastrophe.

A New Great Lake -- or Dead Sea?
Turkmenistan intends to create a huge lake in the desert by filling a natural depression with drainage water. Critics say it's a bad idea that could even spark a war.

All That Makes Fungus Gardens Grow
The discovery of a parasitic yeast draws attention to the ways that pathogens can stabilize ant agriculture and other symbiotic networks.

GLAST Mission Prepares to Explore the Extremes of Cosmic Violence
NASA's new gamma ray observatory will probe the most energetic radiation ever studied, the product of cataclysmic events deep in space.

PDF | 32 MB

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Time, Mar 3, 2008

Guess Who Came to Dinner?
A visit from George Clooney, home handyman and the last true movie star.

A Fight for the Texas Democrats
For the first time in memory, Lone Star liberals will cast a crucial vote in a national race. Inside the Democratic challengers' battle to win the most blue votes in a very red state.

Cuba's Chance
With Fidel Castro finally fading from the scene, his brother and heir Raúl has a golden opportunity to take the country on a new path to freedom. The U.S. can help -- if it is prepared to break some shackles of its own.

Stuck on the Couch
Psst! Exercise is good for you. Knew that already? So do most of us, yet we still do nothing about it. Here's why.

Exposing the Credit-Card Fine Print
Hidden credit-card charges and soaring interest rates have consumers steamed. And Congress is finally listening.

PDF | 1.1 MB

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FHM Romania Calendar 2008

Mihaela Radulescu, Cosmina Pasarin, Delia Florea, Elena Gheorghe, and more.

12 pics | 1280 x 1024 (Super HQ) | 10.5 MB

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Adriana Karembeu in Photo Magazine France, August 2007

Adriana Karembeu is a Slovak fashion model.

She's fluent in French, and is a superstar in Europe, where she's best known for her ads for Peroni Beer and for Wonderbra.

Also famous is her length: 6' 1" tall. She had the Guinness World Records for the longest legs (49.5 in. or 126 cm).

Birth name: Adriana Sklenaríková
Birth date: September 17, 1971
Birth location: Brezno, Slovakia
Measurements: 34-23-35.5
Height: 6' 1" (185 cm)

7 pics | 2200 x 3050 (Ultra HQ) | 4.4 MB

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Circuit Cellar, June 2008

Message Acquisition
Ring Signal Detection and Interpretation.

Pump Control
Build a Variable-Speed Drive for Motors.

Ray Tracing Made Simple
A Ray Tracer Implemented on an FPGA.

AIS Transmission Decoding
Receiving and decoding data transmissions from ships and other vessels via the Universal Automatic Identification System. The decoder displays a "virtual" radar screen, showing the position of vessels in the area.

MCU-Based Game System
A Dot-Matrix Game That Targets C Coding Efficiency.

PDF | 11.9 MB

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Silky Whip Extreme, No. 7 (Adult Comics)

Silky Whip Extreme, No. 7

Legend of the Post-Apocalyptic Hero: Messiah Part 2 -- The Return of Kahorv.

Summertime Love.

32 pics | 2.4 MB

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VIV, May/June 2008

Say Bye to Your Buddha Belly
Simple yoga poses to develop strong, toned abs -- and the centered mind-set that goes with them.

Something to Smile About
Got less-than-dazzling teeth? There's no need to grin and bear it anymore.

10 Best Green Spas
From organic cuisine to a transformative experience, we've got just the spa for you.

One Sizzling Summer
9 designers + 2 trends = 18 amazing looks!

Cancer-Proof Your Skin from Inside and Out
How to repair sun damage and protect your skin against cancer.

Mom's the Word!
Four mother-daughter dous now working side by side reveal the lessons they've learned from one another.

Let Food Be Your Medicine
Are "functional foods" a smarter option than whole foods?

PDF | 40.3 MB

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harlize Theron in Esquire, Nov 2007

Charlize Theron is the Sexiest Woman Alive.

Charlize Theron is a South African-born American actress and former fashion model. An important day in her life was February 29, 2004 when she was awarded with her first Academy Award for her portrayal of the serial killer "Aileen Wuornos" in Monster (2003).

She was the second actress (the first was Kim Basinger) to win an Oscar after appearing naked in Playboy magazine.

In 2001, she was ranked 4th of the 100 Sexiest Women by FHM Taiwan.

She was placed #1 on Beautiful People Internet Poll, narrowly beating Cameron Diaz in #2 and Kate Beckinsale in #3.

In 2005, she was named #4 in FHM's "100 Sexiest Women in the World."

Birth date: August 7, 1975
Birth location: Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa
Measurements: 36B-24-36
Height: 5' 9" (177 cm)

15 pics | 1200 x 1600 (Super HQ) | 4.8 MB

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Brigitte de luxe Maid, Part 1 (Adult Comics)

Brigitte de luxe Maid, Part 1.

By Colber.

47 pics | 26.9 MB

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Emmanuelle Chriqui in GQ, June 2008

Emmanuelle Chriqui is having a hard time keeping a low profile these days. This summer you'll see her in a whole new light.

Emmanuelle Chriqui (pronounced as "Shreeky") is a Jewish Canadian actress. Her appearances on HBO's Entourage as "Sloan", Unscripted as herself, and The O.C. as "Jodie", increased her visibility and exposure.

She speaks English and French.

In 2008, she was voted the 8th most sexiest girl by FHM.

Birth name: Emmanuelle Sophie Anne Chriqui
Birth date: December 10, 1977
Birth location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Height: 5' 3" (160 cm)

6 pics | 2300 x 3200 (Super HQ) | 1.5 MB

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Penthouse, June 2008

Pet of the Month
Daisy Marie is funny and outgoing, but she says she also has a fiery Latin temper.

Girls on Film
The 20 big-screen babes we'll be watching with great interest this sizzling season, including Anne Hathaway, Estella Warren, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Charlize Theron, Jessica Alba and Jessica Simpson.

Lost in the Killing Fields
40 years ago, at the height of the Vietnam War, Specialist Four McKinley Nolan disappeared in Cambodia. Some people say he's a hero; the Army claims he's a traitor. His family -- and one obsessed veteran -- just want to find out if he survived the most murderous regime of modern times.

Porno Oscars
Behind the scenes at the AVN Awards in Las Vegas.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl
The international best-seller by Anonymous is the basis of the new Showtime series.

Many Happy Returns
Brea Bennett has been a favorite of Penthouse since her first appearance in June 2006. Welcome her back.

PDF | 37 MB

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Melissa George in GQ, Autumn 2006

Dive in with Melissa George from Angel to Alias to A-list.

Melissa George is an Australian actress and athlete who has worked in Australia and the United States in film and television.

She was an Australian national champion in rollerskating. She won bronze medals in the National Championships in 1989 and 1990 and a silver medal at the Junior World Championship in 1991.

She got her breakthrough in 2003 when she landed the role of "Lauren Reed" on the ABC series Alias. Also that year, she became Rachel's nanny in the American sitcom Friends.

In 2007, she was appointed as an official ambassador for the 52nd World Artistic Roller Skating Championships.

Birth name: Melissa Suzanne George
Birth date: August 6, 1976
Birth location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Height: 5' 7" (171 cm)

6 pics | 1024 x 1463 (Super HQ) | 1.6 MB

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50 Sexiest Beach Snaps in Nuts, May 16, 2008

50 glorious pictures of skimpy and topless ladies.

On the Cover
Eva & Sophie.

Kourtney Kardashian, Nell McAndrew, Peta Todd, Gemma Atkinson, Abbey Clancy, Kitty Lea, Danielle Lloyd, Natalie Denning, Jennifer Ellison, Mel B, Kelly Brook, Keeley Hazell, and more.

16 pics | 1280 x 1800 (Super HQ) | 6.7 MB

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Spice, May 2008

Cloud Catcher
Drifting 2,000 feet over the arid Aravallis in a hot air balloon.

Gorging in Greece
Sampling traditional fare at the best culinary spots across Greece.

Animated Appeal
The art of animation explores the boundaries of aesthetic expression.

Bvlgari's Boast
The crowning glory of Bvlgari's latest Diamond Collection.

PDF | 16.8 MB

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Laura Vandervoort Bikini Photoshoot

Laura Vandervoort is a French Canadian actress. She attended York University for Psychology and English and has a second-degree black belt in karate.

On Smallville, she acts as Clark Kent's Kryptonian cousin, Kara Zor-El, known as "Supergirl".

She was ranked #25 in Wizard magazine's Sexiest Women of TV list.

Birth name: Laura Dianne Vandervoort
Birth date: September 22, 1984
Birth location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Height: 5' 7" (170 cm)

19 pics | 1400 x 1130 (Super HQ) | 3 MB

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Elektor Electronics, May 2008

Display Computer
Programming a graphic display is distinctly more difficult than programming a text display. Our mini microcontroller board features a new display-on-glass module and a high-performance Renesas M16C microcontroller. The board is available fully assembled, and the microcontroller is pre-loaded with a TinyBasic interpreter to simplify the development of graphics applications -- even for novices.

Elektor AVRProg
Two events triggered the conception of this AVR programmer: the feedback received on USBprog from Elektor, October 2007 and a series of articles started last month around our ATM18 project. The outcome is a plug-and-play AVRISP mk2-compatible USB programmer for AVR controllers!

Tiny Counter
The tiny frequency counter module described here consists essentially of just an ATtiny2313 microcontroller and an LCD panel. The microcontroller is clocked at 20 MHz, and so the counter module can be used at frequencies of up to 5 MHz without the need for a prescaler.

Measuring on the PC Display
In addition to its audio uses the soundcard can also be used for measuring purposes. But which software is the most appropriate? In this article we help you get oriented by giving you an overview of what can be found out there.

PDF | 14 MB

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Good Health, Spring 2008

When your toddler has a cold, don't reach for the medicine bottle.
FDA warns about using compounds for hormone replacement.

Are You Shaped Like an Apple?
This and other symptoms can put you at risk.

Good Cooking
Vegetable curry with couscous.
Toasted oat scones.
Fruit and spinach salad.

Tips for Reducing Stress
Exercise, just about any form, is a good stress-buster. Getting enough sleep is important too. Taking a vacation can also do wonders for the body and soul.

PDF | 1.8 MB

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Taste of Home, April/May 2007

The Great Cupcake Challenge!
You'll find all 12 winning cupcake recipes, along with 20 more appetizing recipes from readers and 1,000 field editors.

Twists on Ground Beef
Meaty main dishes are sure to satisfy.

Elegant Desserts
Try this trio of fancy finales.

Potluck Pleasers
Appealing array for a luncheon buffet.

Cooking for One or Two
Three downsized entrees plus sides.

PDF | 7.6 MB

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Smart Computing, June 2008

Go Wireless
Are you ready to cut the cord? Although wired networks provide the fastest transfer speeds, today's most popular home wireless networking standards, such as IEEE 802.11g, are serious alternatives.

Windows Vista: User Accounts
A Secure Space for Everyone.

What to Do When... You Drop Your Notebook
Forgetting coffee on the roof of your car is one thing. If your notebook takes a dive, check out these rescue tips.

A Slice of Apple: Basic Training with Boot Camp
Tips, tricks, and commentary for the Mac fanatics among us.

PDF | 12.5 MB

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Gemma Merna in Nuts, May 9, 2008

Hollyoaks' Gemma Merna, the hottie who puts the chest in Chester! She says, "My boobs are hard to control! They have a mind of their own!"

Gemma Merna is an English actress who currently plays Carmel McQueen in British Channel 4 series Hollyoaks, which is her first major TV role.

In 2007, she won Best Comedy Performance in The British Soap Awards.

Birth name: Gemma Ann Merna
Birth date: 1984
Birth location: Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, England, UK

10 pics | 1280 x 1800 (Super HQ) | 3.9 MB

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Everyday Practical Electronics, May 2008

PC-Controlled Burglar Alarm System, Part 2
Keypad, plus testing and driving the system.

Studio Series Preamplifier - Installing the Modules
How to assemble the modules in a quality case.

Mini Theremin, Part 1
A unique and versatile electronic musical instrument.

Electric Mobility Buggy Monitor
Adds speed and distance monitoring to wheeled vehicles.

Teach-In 2008 - Using PIC Microcontrollers Part 7
Using the additional memory banks, plus PCLATH.

PDF | 12.3 MB

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Architectural Record, May 2008

New Establishment Meets the Next Wave
Boston's young and mid-career practices show there's life beyond brick.

Gold Medal Award
Renzo Piano: From architectural rebel to cultural establishment go-to man.

Architecture Awards
Honoring 13 distinct projects, from a sculpture park to an observatory.

Interior Awards
Vastly different programs result in a variety of innovative solutions.

Urban Design Awards
From Nebraska to New York, environmental concerns drive design choices.

Nordpark Cable Railway, Austria
Four sinuous funicular stations melt into their Tyrolean environment.

Citroën C42, France
A legendary carmaker gussies up its image on the Champs Elysées.

AGC Training Center
Takenaka Corporation's design for the AGC Training Center transforms a building into a nighttime rainbow.

PDF | 48.7 MB

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The Davinci Code etc.


(eBook) Dan Brown - The DaVinci Code.pdf
(eBook) Douglas Clegg - Purity (Horror).pdf
(ebook) J.K.Rowling - Harry Potter (Complete).pdf
(eBook) J.R.R.Tolkien - Lord of the Rings (Complete).pdf
(eBook) Tom Clancy - The Bear & The Dragon.pdf
(eBook) William Shakespeare - The Complete Works.pdf


Computer Security Basics

Author: Rick Lehtinen and G.T. Gangemi
Paperback: 310 pages
Publisher: O'Reilly Media, Inc.; 2 edition (June 13, 2006)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0596006691
ISBN-13: 978-0596006693
Format: chm
This is the must-have book for a must-know field. Today, general security knowledge is mandatory, and, if you who need to understand the fundamentals, Computer Security Basics 2nd Edition is the book to consult.
The new edition builds on the well-established principles developed in the original edition and thoroughly updates that core knowledge. For anyone involved with computer security, including security administrators, system administrators, developers, and IT managers, Computer Security Basics 2nd Edition offers a clear overview of the security concepts you need to know, including access controls, malicious software, security policy, cryptography, biometrics, as well as government regulations and standards.
This handbook describes complicated concepts such as trusted systems, encryption, and mandatory access control in simple terms. It tells you what you need to know to understand the basics of computer security, and it will help you persuade your employees to practice safe computing.
Topics include:
Computer security concepts
Security breaches, such as viruses and other malicious programs
Access controls
Security policy
Web attacks
Communications and network security
Physical security and biometrics
Wireless network security
Computer security and requirements of the Orange Book


Smartphone and Pocket PC (June - July 2008)



FHM Philippines, January 2008

Joahnie Sylene
The 2005 Girlfriend of the Year displays her loyalty.

Jennylyn Mercado, Spirited Comback
Returning to the limelight with a vengeance, marvel at a sexier and more mature Jennylyn Mercado in full bloom!

You Don't Know Jacq!
Adrenalin junkie and budding funny gal Jacq Yu mesmerizes in this steamy introduction.

Public Exposure
Reed-thin model Karina is another flawless example why we'll never get tired of Brazilians.

Tara Reid -- Reformed!
Tara Reid, American Pie's virgin-next-door, is all grown up.

PDF | 9.4 MB

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Silky Whip Extreme, No. 6 (Adult Comics)

Silky Whip Extreme, No. 6
Ma Belle.
The Wild Ones.

31 pics | 1.9 MB

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Animation Magazine, June/July 2008

Graceful Pandamonium
DreamWorks gets a head start on the summer animated feature derby with the finely crafted Kung Fu Panda.

WALL-E: The Final Frontier
Why the animators at Pixar were dying to work on the studio's ninth animated feature which centers on a silent metallic hero on an Earth deserted by humans.

Your Ultimate Animated Movie Dossier
If you've been having trouble keeping up with the numerous animated theatrical features in various stages of development around the world, you're not alone!

Rising Stars of Animation and VFX: Class of 2008
Our annual look at some of the talented men and women who are raising the bar in the animation and visual effects landscape.

PDF | 7.2 MB

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Furniture World, May/June 2008

Foam Packaging Materials Recycling Basics
Recycling EPS now makes sense for furniture retailers. There are a number of processing alternatives that can change its disposal from a big expense to one that can actually generate a payback.

Retail Profile: Decorium
Once customers walk in the front door of Decorium, this retailer's focus is on engaging them and keeping them focused on the home furnishings buying process.

16 Bedding Sales Tips
Sixteen ways you can boost bedding sales... from developing rapport (#1) To handling customer objections by treating them as implied needs.

PDF | 5.6 MB

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World Trade, May 2008

Manufacturers and Retailers of the Year for Global Supply Chain Excellence
Stonyfield Farm, Michaels, Lam Research, Rite Aid Corporation, Hitachi.

Exploiting the Global Supply Chain
What changes when your sourcing and markets go international? Everything!

Software-as-a-Service Model
Supply chain management takes a threshold leap forward with full up-stream integration.

Eastern Europe Capitalizes on Growing EU Membership
Romania, Poland, and Slovakia share newfound optimism, untapped market potential, and a wealth of opportunity for U.S. exporters.

Redux or Re-regulation
The rail industry is at the proverbial crossroads -- will it regain its glory or fall victim to government intervention?

PDF | 14.4 MB

Download link 1
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