Saturday, June 14, 2008

Penthouse Comix, Issue 8

Bethlehem Steele
Episode 7: Sweet Torture.
Bound most piteously at the mercy of her new alien masters, will Beth survive the ultimate pleasure?

Doctor Dare Space: 1939
Episode 1: Rocket Men.
Joanna pits her sex-borne superpowers against the Axis in outer space.

Episode 7: Heroine.
She's hot, she's wet and she's ready for action!

Episode 7: The Truth.
At last! The Commissar reveals his master plan. But will all his children stand together?

Bad Girls
Agent D, Bad Girl, Mostress W and Rawhide Rita in their perfectly pencilled posed glory...

Libby in the Lost World
Filty miserable greedy pornographers are revealed for what they really are...

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Computer Shopper, July 2008

100 Tips to Speed Up Your PC
Use your computer more quickly, more safely, and more smartly with 100 tips for Windows, Web browsers, networking, and much more.

Desktops vs. Laptops
Two Computer Shopper editors spar over the merits of stay-put and take-with-you systems. Do power and expandibility trump portability? And whose side are you on?

The N Factor
The ratification of the 802.11n spec will give a major boost to wireless networking. Get ready by reading the overview of networking history -- and our reviews of seven 802.11n routers already on store shelves.

Install a Blu-ray Drive
Whether you want to watch high-definition movies or just need tons of storage space, a Blu-ray optical drive can give your computer the capabilities it will need for tomorrow. Here's how to install one.

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Macworld, July 2008

Essential Mac Maintenance
Do you know the tasks you need to perform to keep your Mac in tip-top shape? A little effort now can prevent serious Mac problems down the road.

Empty Your Inbox
It's not too late to tame your overflowing inbox. The three-step e-mail makeover will help you quickly clear out the clutter and become more productive.

Google's Mac Development
How engineers' pet projects helped spur the creation of a Mac-focused team.

Visual Basic's Office Comeback
VBA will return in the next major update.

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Time, March 24, 2008

10 Ideas That are Changing the World
More than money, more than politics, ideas are the secret power that this planet runs on. Here are a few you need to know about.
#1 Common Wealth.
#2 The End of Customer Service.
#3 The Post-Movie-Star Era.
#4 Reverse Radicalism.
#5 Kitchen Chemistry.
#6 Geoengineering.
#7 Synthetic Authenticity.
#8 The New Austerity.
#9 Mandatory Health.
#10 Re-Judaizing Jesus.

The Reckless Rise And Sordid Fall of Eliot Spitzer
A sex scandal ends the meteoric career of New York's governor, a man who always thought he was a step ahead. Why a possible presidential contender threw it all away.

Freshen Up Your Drink
Reusing water bottles is good ecologically, but is it bad for your health? How to drink smart.

Triple-A Trouble
Ratings agencies helped create the subprime mess. So why not pay less attention to their ratings?

The Simple Life
The art market is in love with glitz. Maybe that's why artists are having an affair with the humble.

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Playboy Russia, June 2008

Playboy Россия, ИЮНЬ 2008.

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Maxim Ukraine Collection 2003-2007

Maxim Ukraine Collection 2003-2007.

PDF | Russian | 99.9 MB

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PC World, July 2008

The 10 Most Annoying Habits of Technology Companies
From support hassles to wasteful mail-order packaging, here are the biggest tech irritations -- and tips on how you can combat them.

The 100 Best Products of the Year
In a golden age of high tech, the carat count keeps going up. We off er our choices for the year's top hardware, soft ware, and services.

Now Playing: High-Def Movies
Blu-ray Disc is the next dominant DVD for mat. What features are important? Should you collect discs or access Blu-ray video from the Web? Plus, our picks in players.

Search Engine Optimization
Maximize your visibility with SEO.

Selling Malware via Web 2.0
How crooks use social networks.

The Best Business Laptops
Check out the top choices in each of three notebook categories.

Organize with Free Web Tools
Track tasks, store notes, obtain virtual help, follow your money.

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FHM Germany, July 2008

FHM Germany, Juli 2008.

Wir Haben dem Team Deutschland aus Hot Shots beim Training zugesehen.

Sommcrmodc im Stil dcr Achtziger.

Gut für die Unfallstatistik: Palmers wirbt diese Saison nicht an viel befahrenen Straßen.

PDF | German | 65.3 MB

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Brigitte de luxe Maid, Part 3 (Adult Comics)

Brigitte de luxe Maid, Part 3.

By Colber.

57 pics | 23.5 MB

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Shutterbug, February 2008

Focus on Black & White Photography
Capture, conversion, processing, printing.

Business Trends
Legal and business practices for digital photography.

Test Reports
Olympus E-3 Pro D-SLR.
Canon PROGRAF iPF6100 printer.
Efke IR B&W film.
Metz Mecablitz 58 AF-1 C Flash.
Canon Speedlite 580EX II Flash.
TrekPod Go! Monopod.

The Photography of Eli Reed
A passion for storytelling.

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Sports Illustrated, Winter 2008

Swimsuit 2008
Barely bikinis.

On the Cover
Marisa Miller, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands.

Brooklyn Decker, Bar Refaeli, Daniella Sarahyba, Carmella Garcia, and more.

Semi-Pro Sneak Peek
Heidi Klum rolls with Will Ferrell. Heidi's decision to pose with the Tropics star came back to bite her in the butt -- but in a, uh, good way.

NFL Cheerleaders
Are you ready for the Swimsuit debut of pro football's finest?

Secret Garden
Jessica and Yasmin went wild in Maui, plunging into a rarely explored Eden.

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CorelDRAW Pro, May 2008

Using CorelDRAW
Basic blend tool functions.

CorelDRAW Applied
The Object Manager: Layers.

Inside Color
The raw deal.

Inside Transfers
Transferring images to tiles.

Inside Laser
Laser engraving anodized aluminum.

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Shutterbug, May 2008

Digital Innovations
On the digital road.

Classic Cameras
The top 20 cameras of all-time countdown.

The Tools I Use
What's in my gear bag and why.

Software Show-Offs!
These aren't your daddy's slide shows.

Test Reports
Canon's EF 14mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra-Wide Lens.
Wacom's Cintiq 12WX.
Nik Software's Color Efex Pro 3.0.
Kodak's Revised T-Max 400.
Nikon's D3.

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Corpo a Corpo, May 2008

Corpo a Corpo, Maio 2008.

Monique Alfradique
Revela seus segredos paa exibir este shape malhado e sensual.

Liso... E Incrivelmente Lindo
O alisamento que ficou tão bem na sua melhor amiga pode não ser o ideal para você. Saiba como escolher.

14 Dicas Para Esticar O Tempo
Conheça as novas apostas dos dermatologistas para tratar a cútis e manter o rosto sempre jovem e bonito.

PDF | Portuguese | 13.7 MB

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PC Magazine, July 2008

Seven Technologies That Will Touch Your Life
The future will be a feast for the senses. We visited leading research labs to investigate new technologies poised to enhance our ability to touch, see, hear, and even smell. Come along for a look at the material that may someday revolutionize microprocessors -- and at what your laptop, phone, and digital camera could look like in 2020.

Store It, Keep It
Storage is incredibly cheap. Still, not enough of us keep our data backed up. We show you the best devices for protecting your data and the top apps and services for automatic backup.

Wi-Fi Home Improvements
Keep your network running at peak performance -- and choose who reaps the benefits.

Shooting and Editing Better Videos
Millions of words and photographs have been devoted to telling amateur cinematographers how to shoot videos, but this advice can be broken down into two rules. These rules apply across all editing platforms, and if you abide by them you will save yourself a lot of time and effort.

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Penthouse Comix, Issue 7

I Am Not, Batman
This is NOT Batman. Uh uh, no way...

Doctor Dare and the Spear of Destiny
Episode 7: Final Destiny. The thrilling conclusion!

Episode 4: Cherished Illusions. The shocking truth about the politically correct world of tomorrow.

Bethlehem Steele
Episode 6: Scullery Maid. "Here, Kitty, Kitty, Kitty..."

Generation Sex
"About Last Night" or "The best sex I ever had.", from the pages of Penthouse Men's Adventure Comix comes a bite of reality for slackers from Seattle. True tales from the trenches in the ongoing war of the sexes.

Paper Dolls: Scion
Yenriet Mot is back with more toys for grown ups, all you need is a pair of scissors and a dirty mind...

Episode 6: "The way". A new Scion joins the family as old enemies clash in a dance of death...

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Smart Computing, July 2008

Clean Out Your PC
10 Windows maintenance tasks: keep your PC healthy with built-in tools.

Windows XP: Save Time with Keyboard Shortcuts
From CTRL-A to CTRL-Z.

Windows Vista: The Ins & Outs of Service Pack 1
A major update for the new OS.

All about Cores
What you need to know.

Digitize Home Movies
Put your homemade movies onto new media.

Take Control of Your Web Browser
Install, locate & configure your browser toolbars.

What to Do When... You Can't Listen to a CD/DVD
A computer and some quality speakers make for a great audio system. We show you how to troubleshoot a silent PC so you can kick back and enjoy your tunes.

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Fetish BubbleGirls: Worldwide BubbleGirls photograffitis

Author: TILT

Publisher: Publikat

Date: September 2007

Pages: 128


Fetish BubbleGirls presents the work of internationally recognized graffiti artist Tilt in an unabashedly new, colorful, and playful volume.

Graffiti has always been an inherently dangerous, high-wire act -- the execution of art in risky, often illegal situations. And one could argue for a strong parallel that exists between the classic graffiti writing's extensive use of bubbly, curvaceous shapes and the female form. The French born graf writer obsessively explores these tensions and parallels in Fetish BubbleGirls as he explores the world in search of beautiful young canvases on which to execute his art. Although this mission straddles the globe, there is a common thread that emerges as the most striking detail of the project -- the openness and balance between innocence and playfulness and sexuality and the highly charged environment that all of the models inhabit.

TILT is a member of the all-star French artists collective Le Club.

PDF | 75.9 MB

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Closer, May 19 - 25, 2008

Closer, No 153 - Du 19 Au 25 Mai 2008.

Cécilia et Caria
Un même homme lie leurs destins. Mais alors que l'une l'a quitté et que l'autre vient de l'épouser, laquelle des deux est la plus heureuse? Amour, travail...

Lily Allen
Lily Allen affiche ses nouvelles rondeurs. Et elle a bien raison...

Jennifer Aniston
Amoureuse de John Mayer.

Angelina Jolie
Oui, j'attends des jumeaux.

PDF | French | 39.2 MB

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Vois Ça, No. 53, 2008

Vos stars préférées comme vous ne les avez jamais vues.

Sam Heuston
La nouvelle TV trash bimbo US!

Keira Knightley
La star de Pirates des Caraïbes.

Paris Hilton

PDF | French | 28.4 MB

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Elektor Electronics, June 2008

9 Sound Cards on the Rack
The quality of A/D and D/A converters makes it quite tempting to use a sound card for audio equipment measurements, especially as it fits quite nicely in the Windows environment. However, it takes more than good converters to make a good instrument, as we all know. Our test shows how well a number of sound cards score with real signals.

With the SAPS-400 we offer a powerful, adjustable symmetrical supply that's ideal for lightweight audio power amplifiers and happily sits in less than a quarter of the space taken by a comparable supply of conventional design.

This low-cost project allows you to connect from 1 up to 128 digital thermometers like the Dallas DS18B20 directly on a single two-wire cable. All temperature values are recorded on your PC through a USB port without memory space limitation. Using the software manager developed for the project you can monitor the temperature in real time and set an alarm threshold value for each individual thermometer.

2-Pound RLC Meter
Is it possible to make an RLC meter for less than two pounds? In this article the authors answer this question with a resounding "yes" in the form of a simple and compact circuit that will enable you to make RLC measurements rapidly, accurately, and, above all, cheaply.

PDF | 14.7 MB

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Playboy's College Girls, Nov 2000

Back to school with sexy new coeds!

On the Cover
Harmony Guffey, Paradise Valley Community College.

Sonva Bright, Kim Hiou, Rachel Ayars, Holly Lastinger, and more.

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Playboy's Natural Beauties, Apr/May 2008

100% sexy, pure & natural.

On the Cover
Lana Tailor, perfectly alluring from head to toe.

Bryleigh Rayne (34C-23-34), Jo Garcia (32D-24-32), Sarah Porchetta (36D-26-35), Amanda Duncan (32D-25-33), Jasmine Pavel (32DD-24-34), Cikita Pechová (34D-23-35), Casey Williams (34C-25-35), Sara Stokes (34D-24-34), Gabriella Hunter (34F-24-34), and more.

PDF | 12.2 MB

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Computer Active, May 29, 2008

Get the right results fast as we reveal Google's secret hints and tips.

Focus on wildlife
Our tips and tricks for capturing your favourite wildlife shots on camera.

British Technology Awards 2008
Help choose Britain's favourite technology products and win some great prizes.

Organise your ideas with mind maps
Use pictures and text to create a mind map of your thoughts. We show you how.

Spring clean your PC
Get rid of the dirt in your computer carefully with our hints and tips.

PDF | 21.3 MB

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Playboy Ukraine, January 2008

Playboy Ukraine, Январь 2008.

PDF | Russian | 69.7 MB

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Time, March 17, 2008

Ready to Rumble
Hillary Clinton has rescued her campaign by getting a lot rougher on Barack Obama. But Democrats worry: How much collateral damage will be done before it is over?

Clinton: One Day at a Time
On the day after her Ohio and Texas victories, TIME managing editor Rick Stengel caught up with Hillary Clinton to talk about the challenges ahead.

Finding Energy All Around Us
With power supplies getting tighter around the world, scientists are looking to scavenge extra energy from heat, rainstorms -- even footsteps.

Is Shrink-Wrapped Software Dead?
If the current wave of free webware keeps swelling, you may never buy a computer program again.

Can a Film Change the World?
Message movies are getting hotter. But are they making any difference?

PDF | 1.8 MB

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Playboy, June 2006

Playmate of the Year
Kara Monaco.

Babe of the Month
Michele Merkin is 6 feet tall, and has a raspy bubbly voice that sounds like a bad stage whisper.

The Women of MySpace
... minus their clothes. Welcome to electric lady land.

PDF | 9 MB

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Playboy's Hot Shots 2008

The year's sexiest pics.

Cindy Margolis
Top of the list of the hottest models of the year.

Tailor James, Hiromi Oshima, Brooke Barnes, Christi Shake, Tiffany Taylor, Jennifer Hurt, Erica Campbell, Emily Dean, Breann McGregor, Bianca Deacy, Sara Jean Underwood, Sharon Petock, Kristy Morgan, Lisa Lacey, and more.

PDF | 9 MB

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Playboy's Sexy 100, 2008

The ultimate collection of Playboy's sexiest stars.

On the Cover
Kim Kardashian: "I'm not a stick-skinny girl... I'm proud of my curves."

Alley Baggett, Ashley Elizabeth, Shannon Gilbert, Heather Nicole, Sarah Porchetta, Melody Pressley, Elizabeth JoAnne, Anna Lynn, Gemma Massey, and more.

PDF | 9.1 MB

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Servo, June 2008

RoboExotica celebrates the finer things in life with robots that make cocktails, provide bar conversation, light cigarettes, and deliver snacks.

Designing and Building a Robot from Scratch
In this last installment, robot construction is completed.

Building a Sonar System
Ultrasonic ranging is a great way to add eyes to your bot. Discover this off-the-shelf solution.

Loki Crosses the Pond -- Part 1
Build this unique biped that has an unusual center of gravity that makes for some outrageous postures.

BasicBoard Robotics
OEM module robotic platform.

PDF | 14 MB

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Time, March 10, 2008

Does Experience Matter in a President?
Some are arguing that Barack Obama is too green for the job. But does experience guarantee success?

The Science of Experience
Would you prefer a doctor who has practiced medicine for 30 years or just 10? Research into expert performance shows that the choice isn't simple.

Mission Unfinished
For American troops on their second or third tours in Iraq, some familiar places now look much different. But in Mosul, the old battles have to be fought all over again. A report from the next front line.

Visa Charges On
If this is the worst financial crisis since the 1930s, why can the credit-card giant plan the biggest IPO ever?

10 Questions for Natalie Portman
She's a Harvard grad, an acclaimed actress and a humanitarian, but she says she's no role model. Her new movie is The Other Boleyn Girl. Natalie Portman will now take your questions.

PDF | 1.2 MB

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Playboy's College Girls, July/August 2008

Playboy's College Girls, July/August 2008

Summer school never looked so HOT!

On the Cover
September Carrino (34DDD-25-35).

Victoria Andrea (34C-24-34), Arkasha Ames (34D-25-36), Victoria Thorne (32D-25-32), Heather Nichole (34C-25-35), Lana Tailor (32B-25-35), Destiny White (32C-23-34), Mandy Calloway (32DD-24-33), and more.

PDF | 25.6 MB

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Kultur Spiegel, June 2008

Kultur Spiegel, Juni 2008.

Der weibliche Makel
Was die Fotografin Bettina Rheims an Schönheitsfehlern reizt.

Monet und Moneten
Nein, Basel ist nicht langweilig. Der Kunst-manager Samuel Keller zeigt beim Stadtrundgang, warum die Reise nicht nur fürs EM-Eröffnungsspiel lohnt.

Vom überleben in einer Gesellschaft, die keine Schwächen duldet.

PDF | German | 7.7 MB

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FHM Philippines, February 2008

She's the Boss!
Katrina Halili sets the business trail on fire with her own lingerie line.

Hoops Supremacy
The best grand slam champs! Fernandez vs. Taulava! Ateneo vs. La Salle! We settle the score.

Kirby Ann Basken
The reigning Miss Norway once triumphed as Miss 'Pinas.

Katherine Luna
How to be a hot mama without really trying -- an award-winning actress' take.

PDF | 13.4 MB

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EGO, March 2008

EGO, March 2008.

PDF | Russian | 48.6 MB

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Melissa George in FHM, April 2007

"At school I was a tomboy, I got into a lot of trouble."

Melissa George is an Australian actress and athlete who has worked in Australia and the United States in film and television.

She was an Australian national champion in rollerskating. She won bronze medals in the National Championships in 1989 and 1990 and a silver medal at the Junior World Championship in 1991.

She got her breakthrough in 2003 when she landed the role of "Lauren Reed" on the ABC series Alias. Also that year, she became Rachel's nanny in the American sitcom Friends.

In 2007, she was appointed as an official ambassador for the 52nd World Artistic Roller Skating Championships.

Birth name: Melissa Suzanne George
Birth date: August 6, 1976
Birth location: Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Height: 5' 7" (171 cm)

11 pics | 1024 x 1500 (Super HQ) | 2.8 MB

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