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SQL 2008 Lastest Books

Accelerated SQL Server 2008


Product Description

The expert tuition and approach to rapid learning in Accelerated SQL Server 2008, one of the first SQL Server 2008 books available, will enable SQL Server and other database professionals to make the leap to the latest release of Microsoft’s flagship database management system quickly. Take full advantage of the new features of SQL Server 2008, know what tools are available, and quickly realize the power and ease of use that SQL Server 2008 has to offer.

* Lightning–quick introduction to SQL Server 2008
* Written by top experts in the field
* Provides a solid grounding in key features and technologies

What you’ll learn

* Manage SQL Server installations through the brand–new Declarative Management Framework.
* Protect yourself from downtime with high–availability features such as failover clustering.
* Speed your applications by taking advantage of new performance–enhancement features in SQL Server 2008.
* Find what you need using full–text search.
* Store, retrieve, and manage XML in the database.
* Derive competitive advantage from business intelligence tools such as Analysis Services and Reporting Services.

Who is this book for?

Database professionals who need to make the leap to SQL Server 2008, and who need to make that leap quickly. This audience primarily includes users of previous releases of SQL Server such as SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005. The audience also includes database professionals with experience on competing platforms who are moving laterally to SQL Server.



Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration


Product Description
SQL Server 2008 introduces many new features that will change database administration procedures; many DBAs will be forced to migrate to SQL Server 2008. This book teaches you how to develop the skills required to successfully administer a SQL Server 2008 database; no prior experience is required. The material covers system installation and configuration/architecting, implementing and monitoring security controls, configuring and managing network communications, automating administration tasks, disaster prevention and recovery, performance monitoring, optimizing and ensuring high availability, as well as major SQL Server 2008 components including Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and Service Broker.

From the Back Cover

This book teaches both novice and experienced database administrators how to leverage all of the features of SQL Server to deliver solid, reliable performance. All features and techniques are illustrated with real-world examples and step-by-step instructions.

After a quick overview of SQL Server management tools and database components, you'll walk through system installation and configuration, configuring and managing network communications, and automating administration tasks. You'll gain insight into business continuity strategies, performance monitoring, and optimization. The authors also cover the complete suite of Business Intelligence tools, including SQL Server Integration Services, Reporting Services, Analysis Services, and Service Broker.

With this book, you'll develop the skills required to successfully administer a SQL Server 2008 database, regardless of your experience level.

What you will learn from this book

* How to install, maintain, and manage a SQL Server 2008 implementation, and automate administrative tasks

How to monitor performance using various tools and techniques

Strategies for optimizing your database

Ways to ensure high availability

How to begin using SQL Server as a BI platform

How to configure and use BI components, including SQL Server Reporting Services

How the Service Broker is used

Who this book is for

This book is for beginning to intermediate SQL Server database administrators who want to learn about managing a SQL Server environment.

Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.



Beginning Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Programming


Product Description

* This comprehensive introduction to SQL Server begins with an overview of database design basics and the SQL query language along with an in-depth look at SQL Server itself
* Progresses on to a clear explanation of how to implement fundamental concepts with the new 2008 version of SQL Server
* Discusses creating and changing tables, managing keys, writing scripts, working with stored procedures, programming with XML, using SQL Server Reporting and Integration Services, and more
* Features updated and new material, including new examples using Microsoft's AdventureWorks sample database

From the Back Cover
Starting simply and gradually progressing to increasingly advanced topics, this introduction to the SQL Server database focuses on what is distinctive about the SQL environment—SQL Server 2008, in particular—versus other programming environments. Author Robert Vieira draws on his experience as one of the leading authorities on Microsoft SQL Server and uses his unique tutorial approach to explain the significant changes to the fundamental core components of SQL Server 2008.

You'll begin with an overview of database design concepts and learn how to implement these fundamental concepts with Microsoft SQL Server 2008. Then, you'll take a look at the role of an RDBMS (relational database management system) and where it fits in the grand scheme of system development. Thorough coverage of the key additions and changes to the 2008 version of SQL Server include discussions on DATE and TIME datatypes, hierarchyID datatypes, MERGE and multiple inserts, recursive queries, and more. With this book, you will conquer the many changes and challenges of Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

What you will learn from this book

* How RDBMSs store, manage, and retrieve data

Ways to create and alter tables

Various "forms" of database normalization

Techniques for writing scripts and working with stored procedures

The positives and negatives of indexes

Myriad consequences that locks and deadlocks have on system performance

An understanding of triggers and how they are used

Who this book is for
This book is for developers who are looking for a complete introduction to database design concepts and learning SQL. A basic understanding of development fundamentals is helpful.

Wrox Beginning guides are crafted to make learning programming languages and technologies easier than you think, providing a structured, tutorial format that will guide you through all the techniques involved.


Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008


Product Description

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 introduces new geography and geometry spatial datatypes that enable the storage of structured data describing the shape and position of objects in space. This is an interesting and exciting new feature, with many potentially useful applications.

Beginning Spatial with SQL Server 2008 covers everything you need to know to begin using these new spatial datatypes, and explains how to apply them in practical situations involving the spatial relationships of people, places, and things on the earth.

* All of the spatial concepts introduced are explained from the ground up, so you need not have any previous knowledge of working with spatial data.
* Every section is illustrated with code examples that you can use directly in SQL Server.
* All of the topics covered in this book apply to all versions of SQL Server 2008, including the freely available SQL Server 2008 Express.

What you’ll learn

* Understand the fundamental concepts involved in working with spatial data, including spatial references and coordinate systems.
* Apply these concepts in the collection and storage of spatial data in SQL Server 2008, using the new geometry and geography field types.
* Create different types of spatial data objects—points, lines, and polygons—and use these to describe real–world objects.
* Learn how to analyze spatial data using a range of supported methods, and be aware of a number of different practical applications for these methods.
* Be shown how to integrate SQL Server with other tools, such as Microsoft Virtual Earth, to display a visual representation of spatial data.
* Know how to ensure the performance of spatially enabled databases by creating appropriate spatial indexes.

Who is this book for?

SQL Server developers who wish to use spatial data in Microsoft SQL Server 2008.



Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server(TM) 2/E 2008


Maximize the Business Intelligence Tools in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Manage, analyze, and distribute enterprise data with help from this expert resource. Delivering Business Intelligence with Microsoft SQL Server 2008 covers the entire BI lifecycle and explains how to build robust data integration, reporting, and analysis solutions. Real-world examples illustrate all of the powerful BI capabilities of SQL Server 2008. This is your one-stop guide for transforming disparate data into actionable insight for users throughout your organization.

Understand the goals and benefits of business intelligence
* Design and create relational data marts and OLAP cubes
* Manage Analysis Services databases using BI Development Studio
* Cleanse data and populate data marts with SQL Server Integration Services
Take advantage of the flexibility of the Unified Dimensional Model
* Manipulate and analyze data using MDX scripts and queries
* Use data mining to identify data patterns, correlations, and clustering
* Develop and distribute interactive reports with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services
* Integrate business intelligence into enterprise applications using ADOMD.NET and the Report Viewer Control

About the Author

Brian Larson, MCSD, served as a member of the Reporting Services development team and contributed to the code base. He is the chief of technology for Superior Consulting Services (SCS), a Microsoft Certified Partner.



Learning SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services


Product Description

A step-by-step guide to getting the most of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2008

* Everything you need to create and deliver data-rich reports with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services as quickly as possible
* Packed with hands-on-examples to learn and improve your skills
* Connect and report from databases, spreadsheets, XML Data, and more
* No experience of SQL Server Reporting Services required

In Detail

Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 is the third generation Microsoft reporting software that is more tightly integrated with SQL Server 2008 than ever before. It provides a complete server-based platform that is designed to support a wide variety of reporting needs, including managed enterprise reporting, special purpose reporting, embedded reporting, and web-based reporting.

Ideal for beginners who need to create reports as quickly as possible, this book will lead you through practical examples to teach you a full range of skills for reporting with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services. A series of carefully picked exercises help you practice the most important aspects of report creation. By the end of the book, you will have the confidence to take on the most complex of reports, and be producing reports that will make you the envy of your organization.

What you will learn from this book?

* Install SQL Server 2008 and configure the SQL Server Reporting Services
* Learn the various components and tools that enable end-to-end support for all reporting activities
* Use the report viewer control to get started with the essentials of retrieving and displaying data
* Create a Report Model using the Visual Studio 2008 Template
* Learn to modify reports on a report server and create linked files with report manager
* Embed Microsoft Report Viewer Controls in web and Windows applications
* Create interactive reports with charts and gauges using Report Builder
* Create several kinds of reports with Report Builder 2.0
* Create server reports and report models and deploy them
* Get the full details of available programming interfaces and their usage
* Learn to work with Crystal Reports 2008
* Import reports created using MS Access
* Learn how to use the Programming API, convert Report file types, use command-line utilities and more


With clear instructions and plenty of screenshots, this book provides all the support and guidance you will need as you begin to generate reports with SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

Who this book is written for?

This book is for anyone who is new to SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services and needs to create and deploy reports. The book is suitable for report developers, data analysts, and report server database administrators.

You will need to know the basic concepts of SQL Server, but not necessarily be very familiar with SQL Server 2008.



Microsoft SQL Server 2008 All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies


f you’re in charge of database administration, developing database software, or looking for database solutions for your company, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies can help you get a handle on this extremely popular relational database management system. Here you’ll find what’s new in the latest version; how to choose and install the right variation for your needs; how to monitor, maintain, and protect your data; and what it takes to keep your database healthy. You’ll discover how to:

* Build and maintain tables
* Design a database and communicate with it
* Retrieve, analyze, and report data
* Build solid, robust database applications
* Use the SQL Server Optimizer and Query Designer
* Navigate SQL Server with Visual Studio
* Develop useful reports with the Report Builder and Report Designer
* Create Business Intelligence solutions with Business Intelligence Development Studio
* Configure your server and perform major administrative tasks

To help you quickly find what you need, Microsoft SQL Server 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies is divided into nine minibooks:

* Essential Concepts
* Designing and Using Databases
* Interacting With Your Data
* Database Programming
* Reporting Services
* Analysis Services
* Performance Tips and Tricks
* Database Administration
* Appendixes

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 All-In-One Desk Reference For Dummies gets you started, helps you solve problems, and will even answer your questions down the road!


Microsoft® SQL Server® 2008 Step by Step (Step by Step (Microsoft))


Product Description
Teach yourself how to design and create SQL Server 2008 databases one step at a time. Work at your own pace through the book s practical, skill-building lessons and the hands-on practice files on CD. You ll begin by learning to install and configure SQL Server 2008, design a model database, and work with tables and indexes. Next, you ll learn techniques to manipulate, maintain, and retrieve data. Finally, you ll learn more-advanced techniques, such as using views, functions, and triggers. As you complete each lesson, you can hone your skills using the practice exercises on the companion CD. Plus, you can review and download code samples illustrating the author s own, professional techniques direct from the companion Web site.



Mastering SQL Server 2008


Product Description
As Microsoft’s bestselling database manager, SQL Server is highly flexible and customizable, and has excellent support—the 2008 version offers several significant new capabilities. This book offers accurate and expert coverage on the updates to SQL Server 2008 such as its enhanced security; the ability to encrypt an entire database, data files, and log files without the need for application changes; a scalable infrastructure that can manage reports and analysis of any size and complexity; and its extensive performance data collection.

From the Back Cover

Harness the Powerful New Features of SQL Server 2008

Whether you're a database administrator or application developer, this in-depth guide is your key to delivering improved data collection, storage, reporting, and security with SQL Server 2008. Mastering SQL Server 2008 brings you up to speed on architecture, installation, and configuration essentials, before moving to the step-by-step instruction you need for more advanced topics such as procedural programming, query optimization, how to use spatial data, SQL Server in the .NET world, and more.

You'll master the extensive toolset, explore useful third-party tools, and most importantly, find out how to choose and use the right SQL Server features for the specific tasks you have.

Coverage includes:


Installing and configuring SQL Server 2008

Understanding SQL Server's place within the Microsoft architecture

Making data reliably and efficiently available to your consumers

Securing your data with SQL Server 2008's new Transparent Data Encryption feature

Integrating XML technology into SQL Server

Creating index architectures for maximum benefit and minimum cost

Exploring new geometry and geography data types for today's businesses

Maximizing data warehousing and business intelligence tools



Beginning SQL Server 2008 for Developers: From Novice to Professional


SQL Server 2008 is a first–rate database management system. It offers more capability than any previous release of SQL Server. More than just a classic relational database management system, SQL Server 2008 includes exciting and powerful features that make it useful for everything from large corporate data warehouses to ad hoc departmental databases. You’ll find enhanced support for XML, new support for spatial data, transparent data encryption, a policy–based management system, and more.

Author and developer Robin Dewson will show you the way from beginner to SQL Server 2008 professional. Learn to install SQL Server 2008 and navigate around Management Studio before getting right to the heart of mastering fundamental SQL Server 2008 tasks: creating tables, storing data, securing data, and retrieving it again. Dewson ensures you’ll be fully prepared to use all the basics and create a solid foundation for your own projects.

Don’t forget about backups! Your database will house important data, so backing up is essential to protect yourself from inevitable hardware failure. Dewson walks you through SQL Server 2008’s easy–to–use backup and recovery feature set, giving you the grounding that you need in order to set up a reliable plan for recovery in your own environment.

Learn to use Transact–SQL, a full–blown procedural language that is built right into the database system. Transact–SQL is the key to unlocking everything that SQL Server 2008 has to offer. Using Transact–SQL, you can write centrally encapsulated business logic through the use of stored procedures, automatically trigger processing through the use of triggers, and manipulate data within the server without having to move data back and forth across the network.

Finally, you’ll learn a bit about SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services, a powerful tool that allows enterprise reporting. Reporting Services enables you to develop and serve reports across your organization and even to business partners outside your company. Reporting Services also gives end users the ability to create their own reports, helping them transform business data into valuable, usable information to guide their day–to–day decisions.
What you’ll learn

* Install and manage SQL Server on your system.
* Create and secure tables.
* Store and query data; use indexes to improve query performance.
* “Sleep when the wind blows,” because you have a solid backup and recovery process.
* Run procedural code inside your database in the form of Transact–SQL procedures and triggers.
* Serve up business reports to in–house users and outside business partners via SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.

Who is this book for?

Developers new to SQL Server 2008. If you are just beginning to develop software using SQL Server 2008, or if you are planning to do so in the near future, this book will set you on the road to success.



Pro SQL Server 2008 Analytics: Delivering Sales and Marketing Dashboards


Product Description

Pro SQL Server 2008 Analytics provides everything you need to know to develop sophisticated and visually appealing sales and marketing dashboards using SQL Server 2008 and to integrate those dashboards with SharePoint, PerformancePoint, and other key Microsoft technologies.

The book begins by addressing the many misconceptions that surround the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and giving a brief overview of the business intelligence (BI) and reporting tools that can be combined on the Microsoft platform to help you generate the results that you need.

The focus of the book is to help you implement a successful business intelligence project of your own. The text discusses many of the required project planning components, provides overviews and examples associated with Microsoft’s BI tools, and gives detailed examples of successful dashboard implementations.

What you’ll learn

* The key functional and technical components of a successful report/dashboard implementation
* What Microsoft tools are provided both within and without SQL Server 2008 to help you achieve an integrated solution
* How to determine whether your performance indicators are correct for your business and how to roll them out to your organization in an effective way

Who is this book for

This book is for entrepreneurs, technologists, and developers who want to bring clear–cut, reliable reporting into their organization. No prior experience of building analytics and reporting dashboards is required, but basic familiarity with SQL Server 2008 is assumed.



Pro SQL Server 2008 Replication


Pro SQL Server 2008 Replication is for MS database developers and administrators who want to learn about the different types of replication and those best suited to SQL Server 2008. This book will also cover advanced topics like replication with heterogeneous databases, backup and recovery of replicated databases, database mirroring with replication, log shipping with replication, troubleshooting, plus optimization and tuning. Tools like tablediff, SQLCMD, DTA, SQL Profiler, and Replication Monitor will be discussed to demonstrate the different techniques used in monitoring, administering, and troubleshooting replication.

* Examines the detailed configuration and the internal workings of the different replication types using real–life scenarios
* Covers replication with database mirroring and troubleshooting
* Discusses replication administration using different tools

What you’ll learn

* Configure hierarchical replication: snapshot, transactional and merge, and heterogeneous replication using real–life scenarios.
* Gain insight into the internal workings of the different replication types.
* Master the usage of different tools like tablediff, SQLCMD, DTA, and Replication Monitor in administering replication.
* Perform administration tasks such as backup and recovery, and manage replication with other high–availability techniques like database mirroring and log shipping.
* Conduct optimization and tuning of replicated databases.
* Develop troubleshooting techniques.

Who is this book for?

This book is a comprehensive guide for experienced users of SQL Server as well as new users. It also aims at familiarizing the current users of SQL Server 2005 with the new features of replication should they upgrade to SQL Server 2008. This book will delve into the basics of replication like the publisher–subscriber model, the different replication types (such as snapshot, transactional, merge, and heterogeneous), the corresponding architecture, implementation, and administration. Database administration tasks like backup and recovery, managing replication with high–availability techniques like database mirroring, log shipping with replication, optimization of replicated databases, and troubleshooting techniques will also be discussed. This book will benefit primarily novice and intermediate users by introducing replication and the different processes and then building on the basics to develop and address the advanced features of replication. This is a must–have companion book that will help you in developing, administering and mastering the intricacies of replication.



Pro SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services (Pro)


Take full advantage of everything SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services has to offer and deliver customizable, web–enabled reports across your business at a reasonable cost. Learn best–practices from professionals who use SQL Server Reporting Services daily to deliver solutions to paying clients and gain the competitive edge on using Microsoft’s enterprise–level reporting platform.

* Provides best–practices for using Reporting Services
* Written by practicing professionals with paying clients
* Your key to delivering business intelligence across the enterprise

What you’ll learn

* Write efficient queries on which to base a report.
* Build and lay out a report using Report Designer.
* Enable end users to create ad hoc reports on demand.
* Combine Reporting Services with Analysis Services, SharePoint Portal Server, and other technologies to deliver business intelligence across the enterprise.
* Secure and audit your reports as part of your regulatory compliance efforts.
* Customize your reports using C# assemblies and embedded Visual Basic .NET code.

Who is this book for?

Data analysts, developers, database administrators, and others who develop and deploy reports using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services.



Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker (Pro)



Service Broker is a key Microsoft product in support of message–based processing between applications. Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker helps you to take full advantage of this key Microsoft technology, beginning from the fundamentals, moving through installation and application development, and ultimately showing you how to develop highly available and scalable applications based upon the Service–Oriented Architecture that is fast gaining ground as the way forward in application development.

* Comprehensive approach to developing with Service Broker
* Strong focus on best practices and real–world scenarios
* Covers the key aspects of distributed application design

What you’ll learn

* Understand the fundamentals of message–based processing.
* Install Service Broker and manage the environment.
* Design databases for service–oriented applications.
* Develop distributed applications.
* Build in scalability and high availablity.
* Apply best practices to avoid future trouble.

Who is this book for?

Pro SQL Server 2008 Service Broker is written for new and existing users of Service Broker who wish to develop service–oriented and distributed transactions that scale well, that are resilient against failure, and that are as future–proofed as possible from the application of current best practices in Service Broker development.


Pro SQL Server 2008 Relational Database Design and Implementation (Pro)



Learn effective and scalable database design techniques in a SQL Server environment. Pro SQL Server 2008 Relational Database Design and Implementation covers everything from design logic that business users will understand all the way to the physical implementation of the design in a SQL Server database. Grounded in best practices and a solid understanding of the underlying theory, authors Louis Davidson, Kevin Kline, Scott Klein, and Kurt Windisch show how to “get it right” in SQL Server database design and lay a solid groundwork for the future use of valuable business data.

* Solid foundation in best practices and relational theory
* Maximize SQL Server features to enhance security, performance, scalability
* Thorough treatment from conceptual design to an effective, physical implementation

What you’ll learn

* Develop conceptual models of client data using interviews and client documentation.
* Normalize data models to enhance scalability and the long term use of valuable data.
* Translate conceptual models into high–performing SQL Server databases.
* Secure and protect the integrity of data as part of meeting regulatory requirements.
* Take full advantage of new SQL Server features such as the spatial datatype, XML support, transparent data encryption, and more.
* Create effective indexing to speed query performance.

Who is this book for?

Pro SQL Server 2008 Relational Database Design and Implementation is designed for programmers of all types who want to use SQL Server 2008 to store data. Rookie database programmers will find a complete course on the fundamentals of database design that includes conceptual designs and physical implementation. Seasoned veterans will find many tips and tricks for implementing database systems that will be well worth the time invested in reading this book.

Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Administration (Wrox Programmer to Programmer)


Product Description

SQL Server 2008 represents a sizable jump forward in scalability, performance, and usability for the DBA, developer, and business intelligence (BI) developer. It is no longer unheard of to have 20-terabyte databases running on a SQL Server. SQL Server administration used to just be the job of a database administrator (DBA), but as SQL Server proliferates throughout smaller companies, many developers have begun to act as administrators as well. Additionally, some of the new features in SQL Server are more developer-centric, and poor configuration of these features can result in poor performance. SQL Server now enables you to manage the policies on hundreds of SQL Servers in your environment as if you were managing a single instance. We’ve provided a comprehensive, tutorial-based book to get you over the learning curve of how to configure and administer SQL Server 2008.

Whether you’re an administrator or developer using SQL Server, you can’t avoid wearing a DBA hat at some point. Developers often have SQL Server on their own workstations and must provide guidance to the administrator about how they’d like the production configured. Oftentimes, they’re responsible for creating the database tables and indexes. Administrators or DBAs support the production servers and often inherit the database from the developer.

This book is intended for developers, DBAs, and casual users who hope to administer or may already be administering a SQL Server 2008 system and its business intelligence features, such as Integration Services. This book is a professional book, meaning the authors assume that you know the basics about how to query a SQL Server and have some rudimentary concepts of SQL Server already. For example, this book does not show you how to create a database or walk you through the installation of SQL Server using the wizard. Instead, the author of the installation chapter may provide insight into how to use some of the more advanced concepts of the installation. Although this book does not cover how to query a SQL Server database, it does cover how to tune the queries you’ve already written.



Programming Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (PRO-Developer)


Product Description
Written by industry professionals who have been working with SQL Server 2008 since the earliest code, this reference expertly covers the programming fundamentals for SQL Server 2008 with crucial real-world context and extensive code samples.

Get the hands-on programming instruction, practical examples, and best practices you need to master the core programmability features in SQL Server 2008. Led by three experts in database design and business intelligence solutions, you ll learn the essential tools and techniques for developing robust applications. Discover how to:
-Program views, stored applications, triggers, and functions using T-SQL
-Work with the new data types, LINQ, and the ADO.NET Entity Framework
-Automate common administration and maintenance tasks
-Debug databases, reports, and objects using Microsoft Visual Studio® 2008
-Write transactional code and implement local and distributed transactions
-Use business intelligence tools, such as SQL Server Reporting Services, SQL Server Analysis Services, and SQL Server Integration Services

Many of the book s examples, exercises, and code samples are available for download from the companion Web site.



SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled



SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled presents a direct trouble–shooting methodology for identifying poorly performing stored procedures and queries, isolating the causes of that poor performance, and fixing the underlying problems. Each chapter is dedicated to one of the top causes of poorly performing queries and shows methods for identifying and dealing with the problems in that chapter’s domain. Emphasis is always put upon or placed upon practical methods that you can put to immediate use in your day–to–day work. SQL Server 2008 functionality, tips, and tricks are emphasized in each subject area.

* Emphasizes the practical. Does not bury readers in theory.
* Gives readers practical techniques to immediately apply in their daily work.
* Dedicates a chapter to each of the most common, performance–related problem areas.

What you’ll learn

* Identify and fix poorly performing queries that are hurting your business.
* Read query execution plans and identify bottlenecks in performance.
* Record system performance metrics for trend analysis.
* Learn to design databases and write Transact–SQL code to avoid common problems.
* Understand what an index is, what it does, and how to build one.
* Use industry accepted best practices and understand how to develop your own to arrive at optimal database performance.

Who is this book for

SQL Server Query Performance Tuning Distilled is aimed at anyone writing business–critical Transact–SQL queries, and also at those responsible for the continued good performance of those queries. Developers, database administrators, business intelligence analysts, and any others who develop Transact–SQL queries will find this book an indispensible resource for getting the most out of what SQL Server 2008 has to offer.



Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services


Product Description

* Teaches solution architects, designers, and developers how to use Microsoft's reporting platform to create reporting and business intelligence (BI) solutions
* Updated with new information about holistic BI solutions, comprehensive OLAP/Analysis Services reporting, and complete production deployment scenarios
* Includes programming examples focused on specific, scenario-based solutions
* Explains reporting services architecture and business intelligence, teaches the fundamentals of designing reports through the use of careful planning considerations, and covers advanced report design and filtering techniques

From the Back Cover
Professional Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services

SQL Server Reporting Services makes reporting faster and easier than ever. This hands-on guide will show you how to harness the full power of Reporting Services to create reporting and business intelligence solutions that meet your company's needs. It walks you step-by-step through the fundamentals of designing the most effective reports by following careful planning considerations.

The authors progress from beginning to advanced report design and filtering techniques, showing you the conditions where reports could be more efficient. They also explore holistic business intelligence solutions, comprehensive OLAP/Analysis Services reporting, and complete production-deployment scenarios.

You'll learn how to write custom expressions and program functions to meet specific reporting needs. This will help you design, build, and deploy reports with capabilities far greater than any other reporting tools you may have used in the past. The techniques covered in the book will also enable you to take reporting further than you have before and provide your users with real business intelligence.

What you will learn from this book


Using reports to visualize important business-decision metrics

Building the presentation layer for an enterprise business intelligence solution

Reporting from OLAP cubes and relational database systems

Enabling information workers to easily create their own self-service reports

Real-world report design patterns and recipes

Designing and deploying reports for enterprise portals and dashboards, including SharePoint technologies

Advanced object-oriented programming techniques for extending and adding functionality to Reporting Services

Who this book is for
This book is for report designers, developers, administrators, and business professionals interested in learning the advanced functionality, reporting, server administration, and security issues of SQL Server 2008 Reporting Services.



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