Monday, December 10, 2007

Create Your Own Employee Handbook

A Legal and Practical Guide
By Attorneys Lisa Guerin & Amy DelPo
ISBN 0-87337-916-0
Create Your Own Employee Handbook
If you’re like most employers, you (or people who work for you) probably devote a good part of every day to employee relations. You may find yourself making decisions or relaying information about everything from benefits to vacation time to disciplinary problems. Sometimes, you may know the answer right away (“You get ten vacation days”); other times, you may have to think a bit or come up with something new (“What is our policy on paternity leave?”).
In such situations, a good employee handbook is as essential as any real live member of your management team. It knows all the answers—and it communicates them clearly to your employees.
Indeed, an employee handbook can do a lot for you, such as:
• save you time by cutting down on the number of questions employees ask every day
• ensure that you treat your employees consistently, and
• give you legal protection when an employment relationship goes sour.

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