Friday, December 14, 2007

The Economist, December 8, 2007

Food prices: The end of cheap food
Rising food prices are a threat to many; they also present the world with an enormous opportunity.

Venezuela: The beginning of the end for Hugo Chávez
Apathy, splits and a revitalised opposition thwart "21st-century socialism".

The Euro-African summit: Please come, but don't bring your monsters
The dictators of Sudan and Zimbabwe should not have been welcome in Lisbon.

Iran's bomb programme: Pressure works ("high confidence")
America's spies have changed their minds. But a nuclear Iran remains a danger.

Real and virtual worlds: Better together
The internet, supposedly a new realm, is most useful when coupled to the real world.

China and Hong Kong: Good-bye Kitty
Confusion over who calls the shots in Beijing. But not in Hong Kong.

Technology Quarterly
Virtual worlds are being put to serious real-world uses -- and are starting to encounter some real-world problems.

Chinese IPOs: Peaking
Darker days for new listings on China's stockmarkets.

Consumer genomics: Taking your genes in hand
Personal genetic testing is advancing rapidly. But beware of overselling.

Books of the year 2007: Pick of the bunch
History, politics, music, business, biography, memoir, letters and fiction. There is something for everyone in this round-up of the year's best books.

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