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Natural Food Network, Sep/Oct 2007

Natural Food Network, Sep/Oct 2007
Chocolate Sales SpikeDriving chocolate sales is easy if manufacturers cooperate with retail demo and sampling programs.
Plugging the Leaks: Stopping ShrinkRetail theft for grocers is a large and growing problem, but following the preventative measures outlined in this article will help retailers fight back.
Natural Cleaning SuppliesGreen cleaning supplies are a bright spot in an aisle where longer work hours for housekeepers has lowered demand for deep-cleaning staples like furniture polish. Consumers today spend 20% less time cleaning. Only 9% thoroughly clean their home each week.

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Seventeen, October 2007

Seventeen, October 2007
Cover: Lauren ConradIn the midst of dealing with all the drama on The Hills, Lauren somehow found the time to design a hot fashion collection. Here, she gives Seventeen an exclusive peek at her new line -- and the scoop on all those juicy rumors.
Plastic SurgeryThe Hills' Heidi Montag reportedly had breast implants and a nose job earlier this year.
Eat Your Heart Out!The best food to order on a date.
"What's Up with My Breasts?"Answers to all your questions.
Do You Really Care about the Environment?What readers are doing to save the planet.

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Cosmo Girl!, October 2007

Cosmo Girl!, October 2007
Cover: Heidi MontagBehind the glamorous life of reality star Heidi Montag is a laid-back California girl who loves jeans and tees.
Trend TutorialWhat to do when the hottest looks are hard wear (hello, high-waisted pants!)? You don't have to be Mischa Barton. All you need are a few tips -- and one big attitude!
Sweet CheeksHow to be a blushing beauty, no matter what your skin type.
Why Guys LieThe reasons are actually the opposite of what you'd expect!

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