Friday, December 14, 2007

Science, November 30, 2007

The cell nucleus houses the genetic blueprint, but it is also a dynamic organelle that interacts with the rest of the cell on many levels. A special section beginning on page 1399 focuses on the cell biology of the nucleus.

Plants Tolerant of High Boron Levels
An Arabidopsis protein enhances the borate efflux from roots; incorporating its gene into crops may help improve their growth in arid soils containing excess boron.

A β-Defensin Mutation Causes Black Coat Color in Domestic Dogs
Identification of a gene causing black coat color in dogs reveals a surprising new role for a protein family previously implicated in the body's defense against microbes.

Charge Transfer Equilibria Between Diamond and an Aqueous Oxygen Electrochemical Redox Couple
The puzzling high electrical conductivity of some diamond surfaces is produced by electron transfer to oxygen in water films coating the surface, even in air.

Coherent Control of a Single Electron Spin with Electric Fields
The spin state of a single electron on a quantum dot can be manipulated by application of a local electric field, improving the control of multiple dots over what is achievable with a magnetic field.

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