Friday, December 14, 2007

Test Your Business English :General Usage

By J.S.McKellen
Illustrated by Robin Harris and Ross Thomson
Penguin books
Test Your Business English :General Usage

Since English is the international language of business, a knowledge of English business terms is essential for successful business people, even if their main function is not in international trade. This book, part of the Test Your Vocabulary series, is designed to help the reader to acquire this knowledge.

The choice of which language items to include has been made on a practical basis: how often the words are used, and how important it is known them.Informal (and, in one instance, spoken) language is included, with tests of appropriacy in register, some words appear in more than on context.The areas of business covered range from basic office practice to specialised areas such as import/export and insurance.

A range of exercise types, including gap-filling, multiple choice, dialogue completion, crosswords, anagrams, etc., is provided to stimulate and help the reader to internalise the vocabulary.

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