Monday, December 10, 2007

Your First Interview

For Students and Anyone Preparing to Enter Today’s Tough Job Market
Ron Fry
ISBN 1-56414-586-7
The Career Press
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Unemployment is at a record high…or record low. Jobs are plentiful…or scarcer than lilacs in December. We’re at war…or peace.
And you’ve got a job interview, your first job interview, which is happening whichever of the above scenarios occur. To be truthful, they aren’t as important as you probably believe. Whether the economy is coasting down Easy Street or preparing to nosedive off the Wall Street pier has little to do with how you land your first interview, prepare for it, conduct yourself during it, and whether you emerge successfully from it…with your first job in hand.
So don’t worry if the papers are full of doom and gloom, trumpeting the worst job market for college grads since the reign of George III. And don’t get too cocky when the business magazines tell you “It’s a Seller’s Market!” and visions of sixfigure starting salaries start dancing in your head. Whatever circumstances you face, it’s still your first interview, and you are probably scared stiff.

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