Saturday, June 14, 2008

Computer Shopper, July 2008

100 Tips to Speed Up Your PC
Use your computer more quickly, more safely, and more smartly with 100 tips for Windows, Web browsers, networking, and much more.

Desktops vs. Laptops
Two Computer Shopper editors spar over the merits of stay-put and take-with-you systems. Do power and expandibility trump portability? And whose side are you on?

The N Factor
The ratification of the 802.11n spec will give a major boost to wireless networking. Get ready by reading the overview of networking history -- and our reviews of seven 802.11n routers already on store shelves.

Install a Blu-ray Drive
Whether you want to watch high-definition movies or just need tons of storage space, a Blu-ray optical drive can give your computer the capabilities it will need for tomorrow. Here's how to install one.

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