Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time, March 24, 2008

10 Ideas That are Changing the World
More than money, more than politics, ideas are the secret power that this planet runs on. Here are a few you need to know about.
#1 Common Wealth.
#2 The End of Customer Service.
#3 The Post-Movie-Star Era.
#4 Reverse Radicalism.
#5 Kitchen Chemistry.
#6 Geoengineering.
#7 Synthetic Authenticity.
#8 The New Austerity.
#9 Mandatory Health.
#10 Re-Judaizing Jesus.

The Reckless Rise And Sordid Fall of Eliot Spitzer
A sex scandal ends the meteoric career of New York's governor, a man who always thought he was a step ahead. Why a possible presidential contender threw it all away.

Freshen Up Your Drink
Reusing water bottles is good ecologically, but is it bad for your health? How to drink smart.

Triple-A Trouble
Ratings agencies helped create the subprime mess. So why not pay less attention to their ratings?

The Simple Life
The art market is in love with glitz. Maybe that's why artists are having an affair with the humble.

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