Monday, August 25, 2008

Exam-Pack 70-620: Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista


"I hated Vista until I went through James' training, now I look at it with a new set of eyes." - CBT Nuggets CEO and Founder Dan Charbonneau

This training allows Vista to become the great OS for you that it can be. Vista has tremendous potential, but unfortunately, the learning curve has been a little too steep for users to pickup on their own. Now you can learn to configure Windows Vista computers for maximum performance -- and at the same time prepare for certification as a Technology Specialist on Microsoft Windows Vista.

Exam-Pack 70-620: Configuring Microsoft Windows Vista contains:

- Configuring Windows Vista Series Introduction (free video!)

- Installation: Hardware Requirements, Editions

- Windows Vista Installation and Clean Install

- Windows Vista Upgrade

- Windows Vista Migration and Windows Easy Transfer

- Anytime Upgrade, Troubleshooting Installation

- Install and Configure Drivers

- Troubleshooting Post-Installation Configuration Issues, Windows Aero

- Configuring Internet Explorer, Configure and Troubleshoot Parental Controls (free video!)

- Security: Configure and Troubleshoot User Account Control

- Security: Windows Defender

- Dynamic Security for IE7

- Security: Configure Security Settings in Windows Firewall

- Configuring Networking by Using the Network and Sharing Center

- Sharing Resources and Securing Wireless Access Points

- Remote Access: Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop

- Network Troubleshooting

- Configure Windows Mail

- Configure Windows Calendar, Meeting Space

- Configure Windows Sidebar, Media Applications

- Optimizing Windows Vista

- Reliability Tools

- Data Protection and Windows Update

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