Monday, August 25, 2008

Programming Language Pragmatics, Second Edition

Thoroughly updated to reflect the most current developments

*Addresses key developments in programming language design:

+ Finalized C99 standard
+ Java 5
+ C# 2.0
+ Java concurrency package (JSR 166) and comparable mechanisms in C#
+ Java and C# generics

*Introduces and discusses scripting languages throughout the book and in an entire new chapter that covers:

+ Application domains: shell languages, text processing and report generation, mathematics and statistics, glue languages and general purpose scripting, extension languages, scripting the World Wide Web

+ Design concepts: names and scopes, string and pattern manipulation, high level data types, object orientation

+ Major languages: Perl, PHP, Tcl/Tk, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, XLST

*Updates many sections and topics:

+ iterators
+ exceptions
+ polymorphism
+ templates/generics
+ scope rules and declaration ordering
+ separate compilation
+ garbage collection
+ threads and synchronization

New pedagogical features

Design & Implementation boxes

+ Highlight the interplay between language design and language implementation

Test Your Understanding review questions

+ Help students assess their understanding of key points of a section

In More Depth CD

+ Present more advanced or peripheral material for students who would like to extend their knowledge


+ Provide students with additional exercises that are open-ended, research-type activities

New reference features

+ Over 900 numbered and titled examples help the student to quickly cross-reference and access content for initial study and later review.

+ Indices (in the printed text) for both the Design and Implementation boxes and the numbered examples.

+ CD

+ Live links on the CD to Web-based language tutorials, reference manuals, and compilers and interpreters.

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