Friday, July 31, 2009

Hack Proofing Your Web Applications

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OPEC, Amazon, Yahoo! and E-bay, if these large, well-established and security-conscious web sites have problems, how can anyone be safe? How can any programmer expect to develop web applications that are secure? "Hack Proofing Your Web Applications" is specifically written for application developers and webmasters who write programs that are used on web sites. It covers Java applications, XML, ColdFusion, and other database applications. This focuses not on catching the hackers once they've entered the site, but aims to show programmers how to design tight code to deter hackers from the word go.

About the Author
Julie Traxler is a Senior Software Tester for an Internet software company. During her career, Julie has worked for such organizations as DecisionOne, EXE Technologies, and TV Guide. She has held several positions including Project Manager, Business Analyst, and Technical Writer and has specialized in software systems analysis and design. During her tenure at several organizations, Julie has worked to provide a starting point for software quality assurance and has helped to build QA teams and implement testing processes and strategies. The testing plans she has developed include testing for functionality, usability, requirements, acceptance, release, regression, security, integrity, and performance.
Jeff Forristal is the Lead Security Developer for Neohapsis, a Chicago-based security solution/consulting firm. Apart from assisting in network security assessments and application security reviews (including source code review), Jeff is the driving force behind Security Alert Consensus, a joint security alert newsletter published on a weekly basis by Neohapsis, Network Computing, and the SANS Institute.

Kevin Ziese is a Computer Scientist at Cisco Systems, Inc. Prior to joining Cisco he was a Senior Scientist and Founder of the Wheelgroup Corporation, which was acquired by Cisco Systems in April of 1998. Prior to starting the Wheelgroup Corporation, he was Chief of the Advanced Countermeasures Cell at the Air Force Information Warfare Center.


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