Thursday, July 30, 2009

Learn How to Tattoo in 12 Easy Steps + Bonus_390 + Designs

Introduction to the eBook

When learning how to tattoo it is imperative that you first learn the steps to tattoo the safe and right way. While expressing yourself on the ultimate canvas-the human body-it can be a very rewarding, proper safety precautions are a must.

In this handbook, I will provide 12 easy steps in "how to" tattoo. Be sure to read through the entire handbook before attempting to get started. This will provide you with a good overview of what is involved in learning to tattoo, the proper tools and equipment you will need and very importantly, the right safety precautions to follow...

If you've ever thought about becoming a Tattoo Artist and want to find out more about the tattooing business as well as wanting to learn how tattoos are done, this eBook is for YOU.

Step 1: Understanding your Tools

Step 2: Learning the Tattoo Machine

Step 3: Understanding How to Properly Use Needles

Step 4: Learning about Tattoo Inks

Step 5: Getting Organized

Step 6: Working with Tattoo practice "skins"

Step 7: Preparing Yourself and the Client to Tattoo

Step 8: Making and Applying Tattoo Stencils

Step 9: Outlining

Step 10: Shadowing and Shading

Step 11: What You Need To Do After the Tattoo Session

Step 12: Setting up your Own Tattoo Shop

This eBook briefly covers how to tattoo and should not be used in place of an apprenticeship!


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