Saturday, August 1, 2009

Joomla Flash Tutorial

Are you ready for the next big thing in site building?

The days of flat html web sites is long gone: With the race to grab revenue from content well and truly on here's your chance to position yourself and be ready for the next 'big thing' in marketing.

We've glimpsed the future and as marketers we can see there's a revolution about to break. And here's the dilemma you face:

Follow the Guru's and buy their products that will shape the market - Or become the expert and sell your own... (we think we know which path you'd rather choose)

If 2005/06 was the year of the blog then 2006/7 will be the year of the CMS.

Joomla Magic is going to wake a lot of people up to the incredible benefits of Content Management Systems - here's just a little of what these awesome video guides cover:

Why Content Management Systems.
Beyond Word Press - The Time To Move Is Now.
(And the dangers you face if you don't)
The varieties of CMS (And why Joomla?)

The Technical Side Covered In-Depth:

>> Downloading Joomla For Free
>> 3 Different Ways To Create Your Database
>> Uploading Joomla To Your Site
>> Installing And Configuring Joomla
>> A Walk Around The Front-End
>> It's All About Content Baby!
>> The Back End - Administrator Help
>> Creating Sections
>> Creating Categories
>> Creating Content Items
>> Linking To Menus
>> Installing New Templates

Then we'll look at some examples you can use right away:

How To Build A Sleek Online Shop:
(case studies, live stores and Short Cuts)

How To Create A Paid Content Membership Site:
(Single payments, recurring payments, locked access)

How To Create Online Magazines:
(The real next step for content publishers)





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