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The Economist, September 29, 2007

The Economist, September 29, 2007
Revolution in Myanmar: The saffron revolutionIf the world acts in concert, the violence should be the last spasm of a vicious regime in its death throes.
World economy: Stronger ChinaThanks to China, an American recession need not cause the whole world to crash.
France and the European Central Bank: Faulty SarkonomicsThe French president is wrong to attack the European Central Bank.
Gordon Brown: History? What history?Britain's new prime minister is keen to walk away from his record, but he needs to learn from it.
Sputnik: Spacemen are from MarsHalf a century of space exploration has actually served to illuminate the Earth.
Advanced biofuels: Ethanol, schmethanolEveryone seems to think that ethanol is a good way to make cars greener. Everyone is wrong.
Clinical depression: Something in the way he movesDepressed people move in a mathematically different way from other people.
Evolutionary psychology: More news from the savannahPeople seem to have "animal-monitoring modules" in their brains -- which is bad news for road safety.
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