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Everyday Practical Electronics, October 2007

Everyday Practical Electronics, October 2007
The Power of MechatronicsPart 5: A new dimension.
Banning the BulbAn analysis of low energy bulbs.
Circuit SurgeryRegulator stability and switch bounce.
InterfaceSetting parallel port outputs to inputs.
Net WorkFirst steps in broadband.


Elektor Electronics, October 2007

Elektor Electronics, October 2007
Astounding EngineeringSolar Team Twente's vehicle built for the World Solar Challenge 2007 in Australia is based on the positively phototropic behaviour of sunflowers. Tilting solar panels with Fresnel lenses aim to maximise the yield of the sun's energy in this solar car.
Mugen - A Hybrid Audio AmplifierThe best of both worlds?
USBprogOpen source Swiss Army knife.

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Microwave Engineering Europe, July/August 2007

Microwave Engineering Europe, July/August 2007
Digital TV reception is a global challengesNowadays, digital TV is available through transmission media such as cable and satellite as well as over the air, and hundreds of companies have been involved in defining standards for its reception. With better communications making the world smaller, you might expect that when new standards are defined, the goal would be to make them global. That has not been the case, however, for digital TV. In this article we will explain how different target applications and environments have a strong infl uence on the technologies chosen.
OSSIE rapid prototyping tools help easily reconfigure software defined radiosOne of the indisputable advantages of software defined radio is re-configurability. Its ability to be updated and modified in the future must be also be considered. Various standards have been developed, and one of the most predominant standards to date is the Software Communications Architecture (SCA), originally developed by the United States Department of Defense. An open-source implementation of the SCA has been developed by Dr. Max Robert and a team of students from Dr. Jeff Reed's Software Radio class and research group at Virginia Tech. The Open Source SCA Implementation Embedded (OSSIE) effort provides an environment, available for free to the public, for development and implementation of SCA called waveforms.

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