Thursday, September 25, 2008

CBT NUGGETS - MCDST Combo Package 70-271 + 70-272

The Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) is one of the newest certification offerings from Microsoft. Designed to teach you the basics of supporting end-users on the Windows XP operating system and desktop applications, this training covers the topics and concepts that map to exams 70-271 and 70-272.

Instructor Todd Logan takes time to cover all the information you'll need, not only to pass the exam, but to be able to do the job. Todd is our XP expert and you'll appreciate his use of diagrams, examples and real-world analogies along with his upbeat and fun delivery of the material.

These videos were developed for the help desk person who is relatively new to Windows XP Professional and needs to be able to support end-users regarding issues with the XP operating system, MS Office, Internet Explorer and Outlook Express as well as troubleshoot desktop configuration problems. You'll also learn about Microsoft's new Service Pack 2 offering; from installation and compatibility to new features and changes.

There are 34 videos, providing more than 17 hours of instruction. A basic understanding of computers and networking, such as the A+/Network+ Combo Pack is recommended before viewing this training.


Exam Pack 70-271

- Introduction to Exam Pack 70-271
- Perform and Troubleshoot Attended and Unattended Installations of XP
- Upgrade to Windows XP
- Manage Access to Files and Folders
- Connect to Local and Network Print Device
- Offline File Synchronization Management
- Configuring and Troubleshooting Hardware Devices and Drivers
- Configure the User Environment
- Configure and Troubleshoot Local Security Settings
- Configure and Troubleshoot Local User and Group Accounts
- Troubleshoot System Startup and User Logon Problems
- Monitor and Analyze System Performance
- Troubleshoot TCP/IP Issues
- Troubleshoot Name Resolution and Remote Connection Issues
- Configure and Troubleshoot Internet Explorer
- Configure and Troubleshoot Remote Desktop and Remote Assistance

Exam Pack 70-272

- Introduction to Exam Pack 70-272
- Configure and Troubleshoot Internet Explorer
- Resolve Issues Related to Customizing Internet Explorer
- Configure and Troubleshoot Office Applications
- Resolve Issues Related to Customizing Office Applications
- Configure and Troubleshoot Outlook Express
- Resolve Issues Related to Customizing Outlook Express
- Configure the Operating System to Support Applications
- Resolving Issues Related to Usability
- Identify and Troubleshoot Network Adapter Configuration Problems
- Identify and Troubleshoot Remote Access Configuration Problems
- Identify and Troubleshoot Problems Caused by Internet Connection Firewall
- Identify and Troubleshoot Problems with Locally Attached Devices
- Identify and Troubleshoot Problems Related to Security Permissions
- Identify and Respond to Security Incidents
- Manage Application Security.
- Service Pack 2 Installation and Application Compatibility
- Service Pack 2 New Features and Changes to Functionality


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