Friday, September 26, 2008

Cisco AIO Tutorials LABS


Most of them are in iso files format, Its not just a video tutorials, those are mostly Labs, it means you open an html file inside that, and you will see 2 parts, one in flash and another in text.
At each lesson you finished, you will get to challange flash where you have to practice things you have learned, its like working on real cisco device.
You'll have the flash SSH shell, and you have to type in the cisco commands, and in case you make a mistake, you'll get wrong alerts and you can then either correct it or need to read and listen to the section again and see the correct answer by clicking the DEMO option, that will show you the entire solution.
by the way, this is original cisco materials that you need to pay $$$$$$ for it, but for keen learners it is for freeee!!

CNAP Fundamentals_of_Wireless_LANS_V1.0.iso
CNAP Fundamentals_of_Wireless_Lan_V1.1.iso
CNAP Fundamentals_of_Wireless_LANs_V1.1.iso
CNAP Fundamentals_of_Java_Programming_V1.2.iso
CNAP CCSP_Cisco_Secure_PIX_Firewall_Advanced_V_2.0.iso
CNAP Fundamentals_of_Network_Security_V_1.1.iso CNAP CCNA_3.0_Bridge_1.iso
CNAP CCNA_Networking_Basics_V3.0.iso
CNAP Fundamentals_of_Web_Design_V1.2.iso
CNAP Intrusion_Detection_System_V2.1.iso
CNAP IT_Essentials_I_-_PC_Hardware_and_Software_V2.0.iso
CNAP IT_Essentials_II_-_Network_Operating_Systems_V2.0.iso
CNAP Virtual_Private_Networks_V1.01.iso
CNAP Fundamentals_Of_UNIX_V2.0.iso
CNAP PIX_Firewall_Advanced_V2.0.iso
CNAP PIX_Firewal_Advanced_V1.01.iso
CNAP PIX_Firewall_Fundamentals_V1.11.iso



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marchnine said...

could you please re-upload again. coz the links are dead. thanks.