Thursday, September 25, 2008

Total Training for Microsoft Excel 2007:Essentials


Presenter: Michael Alexander
Platform: Windows
Format: DVD-ROM & Online
Level: Beginner to Intermediate
Learning to use Microsoft Excel has never been this simple. Our video tutorials quickly and thoroughly walk you step-by-step through all aspects Excel offers. This video training series begins with the simplest tasks and progresses to more difficult projects. Along the way, you will pick up tips and tricks of savvy Excel users. If you have ever wanted to learn how to use Excel to create better spreadsheets and improve spreadsheet analysis, now is the time!

* Explore the new user interface in Office Excel 2007 to find powerful tools when you need them.
* Learn how to import, organize, and explore massive data sets in spreadsheets.
* Discover how to quickly format cells and tables the way you want.
* Improve spreadsheet analysis and communicate your findings in professional-looking charts.
* See how to adjust page margins, and add or edit headers and footers, so your spreadsheet prints exactly as you'd like.


This is not original DVD from Total Training but very good quality
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Alex said...

Once I were calculating your data in MS Excel,and after that something happened...My data were lost.But myself helped-Excel restore.It is free as far as I remember,moreover utility work with critical data in Microsoft Excel format.