Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Engineering books collection ( more than 26 GB )

Please help make this a sticky.

As you all have noticed, the links are quite messed up. That is the problem with this post.

You could help make this post a sticky by sorting out (1600 or more books) and/or adding more information.

All you need to do is ; if you download anyting, please post an information about the book.

Just a screenshot of front page and/or some texts from the first two or three important pages or even the index is enough (along with the rapidshare link of my upload).

All are "pdf", "rar" or "chm" files.
For books without a format, try "pdf", "rar" and "chm".
No password.


PS: If any book doesn't have an extension, rename it with "pdf" extension.

If pdf doesnt work, give it a "rar" extension.

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