Thursday, July 24, 2008

Photoshop Cafe

Photoshop Cafe - Photoshop CS2 Secrets for Digital Photographers is a "How To" series of 43 video tutorials in Flash format and loads via an exe.

This set of tutorials are for CS2, but the techniques learned are useful for CS3 users too.

Total Size: 307Mb
Total Running Time: 3.5 Hours

Advanced Bridge
Bridge Part 3
Camera Raw
Camera Raw – Batch Process
Additional Camera Raw

Curves Primer
Use Curves to Increase/Reduce Contrast
Brighten Dull Images
Selective Adjustment
Shadow/Highlight – Shadow
Shadow/Highlight – Highlight
Remove Colour Casts
Using Eyedroppers
Correcting Colour With Curves
Lab Mode

Straightening Images
Removing Perspective
Red Eye Removal
Reducing Grain
Lens Correction
Sharpen #1
Sharpen #2
Smart Sharpen

Retouch People
Whiten Teeth
Enhance Eyes
Converting Colour to Greyscale
Silky Soft Portraits
Change Feel of an Image Using Match Colour
Swapping Faces
Convert a Photo to a Sketch and Painting
Remove an Image from its Background - #1
Remove an Image from its Background - #2
Funky Photo Edges
Change the Depth of Field
Create a Panorama
Dynamic Skys
Smart Objects
Vanishing Point #1
Vanishing Point #2


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