Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Popular Mechanics, July 2008

"Mayday Mayday!"
47 people overboard -- in America's deadliest waters, the Coast Guard launched one of the most daring and dramatic rescues in history.

Re-Inventing the Engine
Fuel cells and electric vehicles are futuristic, yes, but the real automotive technology of tomorrow may be the good old-fashioned internal-combustion engine -- updated, improved and more efficient than ever.

Extreme Coasters
New technology is pushing roller coasters to new heights (and drops) -- with corkscrews, barrel rolls, inversions, past-vertical plunges and the biggest g-forces this side of NASA. Prepare to scream.

The Carbon Conundrum
An essential strategy in the effort to combat global warming might be to bury carbon dioxide from power plants in the ground, in rock or beneath the waves. It's harder than it sounds.

Dripped Calls
Act fast and you could save your wet cell in two easy steps.

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