Friday, September 25, 2009

The Complete Book of Greed

The Complete Book of Greed: The Strange and Amazing History of Human Excess by M. Hirsh Goldberg (Author) & Ray Driver (Illustrator)
William Morrow & Co | 1994 | 228 pp | ISBN 0688106145 | PDF Webbook | 2 MB
Goldberg reveals the quirks and characters of famous misers, gamblers, investors, spendthrifts, spenders, gold diggers, and billionaires while he talks about the reality of greed. He also philosophizes that greed is unrelenting because it's really a search for spiritual fulfillment and cannot be satisfied through the accumulation of material possessions. His anecdotal format results in an entertaining book, while his scary stories of the effect of greed almost make the reader glad not to be rich.


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