Friday, September 25, 2009

Psychokinesis Magic Book Volume One [Magic/Mentalism]


Magic books typically stress the importance of entertainment in magic. Whether we are
performing card. coin. rope, silk or just about any kind of magic, our main goal should be to
entertain our audience.

There are, however, two areas of magic that, when performed well, produce such a strong
reaction in lay-people that they must be considered more than entertainment. Those areas arc
mental magic, particularly reading a person's mind, and psychokinesis. If you can read a mind,
or move an object with vour mind, in a very straightforward manner, then you are not just
entertaining them...for many, you are confirming their belief that these abilities exist.

Some people believe in mental powers more than others, however, regardless of their levels of
belief, most people accept the faci thai ihese mental abilities have not been completely
disproven (Otherwise why would sen-mists continue to investigate them!) People's willingness
10 N-lievc in supernatural mental abilities is deomonslralcd by the continuing popularity of
people like Uri Gelier, and the success of psychics, clairvoyants, palm readers, fortune tellers and astrologists.

All of this is not to say that audiences do not recognize mental or psychokinetic effects as
trickery, or that you should try to pass it off as being anything more. What it means is that
people! because of their bclicfts. find these types of effects fascinating in a very different way
than they do other tricks.

This booklet is concerned with psychokinesis, or PK magic, a term that has enisled since the
1930s. Though there aie many ways to secretly move objects (thread, ind├ętectable blowing or
lilting of surfaces, to name a few), some of the strongest and cleanest effects arc aceomlished
with what we term the PK prop, a veiy powc-iful magnet. Chazpro offers a wide range of sizse
and strengths of magnets. To help decide which is best for your siiualion. or the effects you
wish io perform, you should read Cha/pro's PK Accssory List. Or you can ask your favorite
dealer, or call Chuck al Chazpro. with your questions.


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