Friday, September 25, 2009

How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere by Larry King


Larry King | 2007 | English | MP3 (64 kb/s) | 36 Mb

Product Description
You can't help but benefit from Larry King's years of experience and sage advice. Even if you think you were born without the "gift of gab," you can begin to improve your speaking abilities immediately. King offers myriad techniques, skills, and ice breakers that anyone can learn to use with confidence. Mr. King also tells personal stories about the best and worst communicators he has met or interviewed. You'll hear the secrets that made Mario Cuomo, Richard Nixon, and JFK such powerful political speakers; how Jack Kent Cooke, Ted Turner, and Ross Perot became such dynamic businessmen through their communication styles; what makes George Burns, Bob Hope, and Don Rickles so funny all the time; how the super trial lawyers like Edward Bennett Williams, William Kunstler, and Louis Nizer use very different techniques to get amazingly similar results. Listen to this program, and you'll learn how to: * Open a conversation with anyone, anytime, anywhere. * Be confident that you will always have something interesting to say. * Get prospective clients, customers, and employers listening to what you're saying immediately. * Be prepared with the "greatest question ever asked."

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