Friday, September 25, 2009

Leading IT Projects: The IT Manager's Guide


Senior level IT managers are responsible for a wide variety of development projects. For the most part, these individual projects are handled by project managers. However, IT managers must be conversant in the field of project management. Additionally, they must understand the dynamics of managing the project manager and be familiar with the skill sets.

Leading IT Projects: The IT Manager?s Guide provides a detailed roadmap for project success. The book provides information on the technical aspects of project management and also focuses on the human side of project management?leadership skills, team building, and promoting creativity. Overall, it facilitates an extensive understanding of the planning, monitoring, and control of the people, process, and events that occur as a computer system evolves from preliminary concept to operational implementation.

Using ready-to-use forms and templates, this valuable resource enables you to increase productivity and ensures thatprojects come in on time and within budget.


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