Saturday, September 26, 2009

Managing Linux Systems with Webmin


Webmin gives you an easy, browser-based solution for virtually any day-to-day Linux/UNIX administration task. Now, there's a definitive Webmin guide for every beginning-to-intermediate sysadmin. Written by Webmin's primary developer, Managing Linux Systems with Webmin delivers authoritative, step-by-step coverage of the latest version of Webmin, from basic installation to centrally managing multiple servers

Coverage includes:
* How Webmin works--and how to install and secure it
* Using Webmin to configure basic system services, including filesystems, users/groups, and printing
* Configuring Apache, Sendmail, Squid, Samba, MySQL, PostgreSQL, FTP services, and more
* Cluster modules: configuring multiple systems from one master server
* Webmin modules: configuring Webmin itself
* Full API documentation and instructions for writing your own Webmin modules and themes

Jamie Cameron walks you through more than 50 essential Webmin tasks--offering all the background you need, step-by-step instructions, extensive screen captures, and listings of the underlying configuration files that are being modified. Whether you're new to Linux/UNIX system administrationyou simply want an alternative to the command line, Managing Linux Systems with Webmin will be an indispensable resource.


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