Thursday, May 22, 2008

Elektor Electronics, May 2008

Display Computer
Programming a graphic display is distinctly more difficult than programming a text display. Our mini microcontroller board features a new display-on-glass module and a high-performance Renesas M16C microcontroller. The board is available fully assembled, and the microcontroller is pre-loaded with a TinyBasic interpreter to simplify the development of graphics applications -- even for novices.

Elektor AVRProg
Two events triggered the conception of this AVR programmer: the feedback received on USBprog from Elektor, October 2007 and a series of articles started last month around our ATM18 project. The outcome is a plug-and-play AVRISP mk2-compatible USB programmer for AVR controllers!

Tiny Counter
The tiny frequency counter module described here consists essentially of just an ATtiny2313 microcontroller and an LCD panel. The microcontroller is clocked at 20 MHz, and so the counter module can be used at frequencies of up to 5 MHz without the need for a prescaler.

Measuring on the PC Display
In addition to its audio uses the soundcard can also be used for measuring purposes. But which software is the most appropriate? In this article we help you get oriented by giving you an overview of what can be found out there.

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