Monday, May 26, 2008

Nuts & Volts, June 2008

Precision Stereo Headphone Amplifier
For about $30 in parts for the core amplifier and a weekend of soldering, you can enjoy premium audiophile sound through your MP3 player or iPod.

The Serial Port Is Dead! Long Live the Serial Port!
Taming The Universal Serial Bus. Sure, USB sounds like a great idea if you're a PC motherboard designer or a nuclear brain surgeon. But the rest of us just miss the simplicity of serial over a DB-25. Regain your mastery of serial comms with this cool little experiment.

Ovenflow 1.0
Discover a program to control SMD (surface-mount device) soldering using a toaster oven.

PCB Basics: From Your Brain to a Finished Board
Learn how easy the process really is to turn your schematic into a finished printed circuit board.

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