Tuesday, May 20, 2008

PC World, June 2008

How to Do Everything Faster
No need to waste hours troubleshooting your PC or tinkering with your online projects. Our 22 tips will help you get your tech chores done in no time flat.

The Most Winning Wi-Fi Yet
With the 802.11n standard nearing completion, the latest draft-n routers deliver improved performance, coverage, and compatibility. We test a range of routers.

Identity Protectors: Who Can You Trust
Many online services claim to fend off identity theft. Some even offer to put your privacy back together again after a fall. We take a close look at the claims and the reality.

Firefox 3 Leads New Browsers
Safari 3.1 and IE 8 improve, too.

Safest Way to Bank Online
It's your cell phone -- for now.

Network-Attached Storage
You don't have to be an IT guru to work with these NAS drives.

Build Your Own High-Def PC
Step-by-step, here are the components you need for assembling your dream multimedia system.

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