Monday, May 26, 2008

Science, May 23, 2008

A hot spring in Bali, Indonesia. The discovery of thriving microbial communities in such unexpected places has motivated investigation into the diversity and distribution of microbial life. The special issue explores the microbial world.

Microbial Ecology
News stories look at the hidden microbial world inside sponges and ongoing efforts to classify microbes with respect to their environments, while Review articles discuss the microbial processes that drive earth's biogeochemical cycles and approaches to understanding the distribution of microbial taxa and their traits.

Sichuan Disaster
Landslides unleashed by the rupture on 12 May of a more than 200-kilometer section of the Longmenshan fault in Sichuan, China, followed by powerful aftershocks, dammed parts of nine rivers, creating 24 new lakes; experts are worried about another catastrophe.

A New Great Lake -- or Dead Sea?
Turkmenistan intends to create a huge lake in the desert by filling a natural depression with drainage water. Critics say it's a bad idea that could even spark a war.

All That Makes Fungus Gardens Grow
The discovery of a parasitic yeast draws attention to the ways that pathogens can stabilize ant agriculture and other symbiotic networks.

GLAST Mission Prepares to Explore the Extremes of Cosmic Violence
NASA's new gamma ray observatory will probe the most energetic radiation ever studied, the product of cataclysmic events deep in space.

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